ZTE Officially Launched The New Generation 5G Indoor Router MC801A

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On November 14, 2019, the 7th China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2019 was held in Guangzhou. ZTE participated in the theme of “5G + One Network Enables Wanye”. The booth is located at Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall No. A03 Booth. In the terminal exhibition area, ZTE displayed a series of multi-modal 5G terminal products and 5G application scenarios such as 5G cloud games and 5G + MR. Among them, the ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G version of ZTE Tianji has just won the Swan Award “Best 5G Mobile Phone of 2019”. On the first day of the conference, ZTE officially released the 5G industrial module ZM9000 and the new generation 5G indoor router MC801A.

ZTE’s 5G industrial module ZM9000 covers the 4G/5G frequency bands of China’s three major operators, and can support both NSA and SA networks; adopts M.2 packaging technology, standard size (30 x 52 x 3.6mm) plug and play, fast and suitable Equipped with various industry complete products including security cameras, 5G 8K TVs, high-definition conference terminals, etc .; adopting industrial-grade design standards, able to adapt to the challenges of harsh environments, supporting operating environments from -40°C to 85°C; integrating GPS chips, supporting The global mainstream positioning system supports L1 / L5 dual frequency, which can effectively improve the positioning accuracy and reach sub-meter positioning to meet the more precise application requirements of the industrial field. In addition, ZTE 5G industrial modules also have rich hardware interfaces and ultra-low standby power consumption. ZTE 5G industrial modules are expected to be commercialized in December this year, and will be widely used in unmanned driving, remote control, robot inspection, high-definition cameras, industrial gateways, oil exploration and other industries.

At the same time, ZTE’s new generation of 5G indoor router MC801A was officially unveiled. The product can support both 5G NSA and SA networks and is compatible with the world’s mainstream 4G/5G frequency band. It is expected to be launched in February 2020. MC801A uses the fastest Wi-Fi 6 technology in the industry to increase the throughput of each user in a dense user environment. It can support up to 32 Wi-Fi users, enabling ordinary smart 4G terminals and Wi-Fi terminals to advance Enjoy 5G high-speed services, and flexibly expand Mesh routers to enhance indoor Wi-Fi coverage to ensure that there are no dead ends in the room, allowing consumers to easily enjoy the 5G speed Internet experience. At the same time, it also supports dual Gigabit Ethernet ports to flexibly connect various types of wired devices to provide stable, high-speed, low-latency 5G network services for industry applications. In addition, the MC801A also has superior heat dissipation capacity than the previous generation. The vertical chimney-type air duct design uses aerodynamic self-accelerating heat dissipation, built-in custom powerful radiator, and the core chip plus thermal phase change material to protect the core Unit, heat dissipation efficiency increased by 10%. With its small and exquisite appearance, unique “nebula ring” and runway streamlined design, MC801A won the 2019iF Design Award.

In the future, ZTE will continue to provide a series of multi-modal 5G terminal products to meet the needs of operators and consumers in multiple business scenarios, bring users an exponential improvement in mobile internet experience, and demonstrate ZTE’s end-to-end leading strength. At the same time, ZTE actively participated in the construction of the 5G ecological chain, joined hands with leading global partners to accelerate the commercialization of 5G terminals, and worked with many partners to promote a new round of digital transformation in society with 5G.

ZTE Corporation is the world’s leading provider of integrated communications solutions. The company provides innovative technologies and product solutions to telecommunication operators and enterprise network customers in more than 160 countries and regions around the world, so that users around the world can enjoy all-round communication such as voice, data, multimedia, and wireless broadband. At present, ZTE has fully served mainstream global operators and corporate network customers. With the world’s first 5G-scale commercial deployments, as of the end of September 2019, ZTE Corporation has obtained 35 5G commercial contracts worldwide, covering major 5G markets such as China, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, and more than 60 worldwide Operators have launched 5G cooperation.

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