Why Does My Optical Modem Keep Dropping?

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Now fiber optic access has become the most common way for users to surf the Internet, and some users will frequently drop out of the Internet, but this problem may still have many problems. The quality of the optical modem itself is only inside. A possible point of failure, and usually not the cause of the optical modem itself.

  1. The first possible failure of frequent internet drops is outside fiber.

Fiber to the home, which means that fiber from the operator’s equipment enters the user’s home, and this fiber is the first problem that may cause a modem drop.

The optical fiber is connected to the optical modem, and there is a range of optical decay that can allow the optical modem to work normally. The optical decay cannot be too large or too small. If the optical decay is too large or too small, the optical modem may not work properly and make your internet drop.

Optical modem Los light red is usually the reason for outside fiber.


If the Loss light on the Optical modem turns red when our internet is dropped, the biggest possible problem is the fiber.

  1. The upper-end device of the optical modem may also be a fault point where the optical modem frequently drops.

The upper end of our optical modem must be connected to the GPON/EPON equipment in the operator’s computer room. If there is a problem with this device, it may also cause the optical modem to fail to synchronize and drop out. This situation is not common, but there are also.

  1. The quality problem of the optical modem itself may also cause disconnection. However, it can be said responsibly that this is rare.

The quality of the operator’s optical modem is basically guaranteed. In general, there are very few reasons why the optical modem itself causes frequent disconnections, but this is still a possible problem.

  1. The power strip used by the optical modem may also be a point of failure.

Many people have not paid attention to this fault point, but when dealing with user faults, there are also frequent restarts of the optical modem due to the unstable voltage of the user’s plug row.

  1. The quality of the network cable from the optical modem to the router may also cause frequent disconnection.

The quality of the network cable determines how much data is lost. If too many packets are lost in a certain period of time, the network may be interrupted. In addition, if the quality of the network cable is not connected, it may also cause an excessive delay. It is recommended to spend some money on the network cable to buy a better network cable.

cable modems

  1. The router is the most common problem point for home disconnection.

If the router is used for a long time and the heat dissipation is not good, the performance of the router may decrease sharply, which may cause frequent disconnection of Internet-connected devices.

The performance of the router itself is not enough, there are too many connected users, and the system cannot handle it, which may also cause frequent disconnection.

The unstable voltage of the router’s access to the power strip may also cause frequent disconnection.

If it is wireless, if 2.4G WiFi is connected, too much interference may also cause frequent disconnection.

If it is wireless, if it is connected to 5G WiFi, it is too far from the router and the signal coverage is insufficient, which may also cause frequent disconnection.

  1. The router is the core of home networking. Choosing a suitable router is the top priority.
  2. Finally, the terminal itself may also cause frequent disconnection.

However, if it is a mobile phone or a computer, if the configuration is insufficient, or if the hardware and software are faulty, the Internet may be dropped. If you are not in the same local area network, and you only drop frequently, it is the reason for the terminal.

All in all, there may be many failure points for frequent dropouts of fiber-to-the-home, but generally speaking, the most doubtful is the router and the fiber-to-the-home. The optical modem itself usually does not have any problems.

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If you think the causes above are not complete, welcome to supplement.

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