Cisco 250 Smart Switches Vs. Cisco Business 250 Smart Switches

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Cisco 250 Smart Switches Vs. Cisco Business 250 Smart Switches?

Are they not the same things?

You may have this question. Actually, I also had this question when I first found Cisco is going to release this new Cisco Business 250 Smart Switches. So I read its datasheet carefully and found its features are almost the same with the old Cisco 250 smart switches.

Why do Cisco produce two similar series SMB switches?

You may find the difference in their name now. Yes, the “Business”.

At Cisco official overview of Business 250 series, it’s said that this new series have a new dashboard, the “Cisco Business Dashboard”.

What is the Cisco Business Dashboard?

“Cisco Business Dashboard is a network management tool for Cisco Business switches, routers, and wireless access points. It simplifies the job of managing a business network, by automating the deployment, monitoring and lifecycle management of the network.

Cisco Business Dashboard will be available in August 2020.”

This is the description from Cisco. Oh, a new management tool for Cisco SMB devices. So we may see Cisco Business routers, Cisco Business wireless access points in the future. Cisco likes to upgrade its hardware by using this way, is it? We have seen there are “Cisco ONE” in ISR 4000 routers, Catalyst 3850 switches

There are some features of Cisco Business Dashboard:

Simple device set up

  • Zero-touch deployment eliminates complexity while improves business agility
  • Automatically discovers your network devices and provides a topology diagram and detailed inventory report.
  • A customizable monitoring dashboard allows you to easily see the current state and the performance of your network.
  • Provides detailed lifecycle information about your network devices—including maintenance and warranty status and end-of-life bulletins.
  • Single interface to configure system information, wireless networks, virtual LANs, and Ethernet switching.

Except the management tool, there is only a little different between Cisco 250 Smart Switches and Cisco Business 250 Smart Switches. See Table 1.

Table 1. Switching capacity

Series Cisco Business 250 Smart Switches Cisco 250 Smart Switches
Model Capacity in millions of packets per second (mpps) (64-byte packets) Switching capacity in gigabits per second (Gbps) Model Capacity in millions of packets per second (mpps) (64-byte packets) Switching capacity in gigabits per second (Gbps)
CBS250-8T-E-2G 14.88 20.0 SF250-24 9.52 12.8
CBS250-8PP-E-2G 14.88 20.0 SF250-24P 9.52 12.8
CBS250-8P-E-2G 14.88 20.0 SF250-48 13.10 17.6
CBS250-8FP-E-2G 14.88 20.0 SF250-48HP 13.10 17.6
CBS250-16T-2G 26.78 36.0 SG250-08 11.90 16.0
CBS250-16P-2G 26.78 36.0 SG250-08HP 11.90 16.0
CBS250-24T-4G 41.66 56.0 SG250-10P 14.88 20.0
CBS250-24PP-4G 41.66 56.0 SG250-18 26.78 36.0
CBS250-24P-4G 41.66 56.0 SG250-26 38.69 52.0
CBS250-24FP-4G 41.66 56.0 SG250-26HP 38.69 52.0
CBS250-48T-4G 77.38 104.0 SG250-26P 38.69 52.0
CBS250-48PP-4G 77.38 104.0 SG250-50 74.41 100.0
CBS250-48P-4G 77.38 104.0 SG250-50HP 74.41 100.0
CBS250-24T-4X 95.23 128.0 SG250-50P 74.41 100.0
CBS250-24P-4X 95.23 128.0 SG250X-24 95.23 128.0
CBS250-24FP-4X 95.23 128.0 SG250X-24P 95.23 128.0
CBS250-48T-4X 130.94 176.0 SG250X-48 130.94 176.0
CBS250-48P-4X 130.94 176.0 SG250X-48P 130.94 176.0

Of course, their appearances are different.

Figure 1. Cisco 250 Smart Switches


Figure 2. Cisco Business 250 Smart Switches


The new Business 250 smart switches will be released at August, 2020. We can ready to upgrade from old 250 smb switches now.

If you have different opinion, welcome to leave your comment.

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