8 Questions You Should Pay Attention when Buying Cisco Equipment

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As we all know, Cisco is one of the best network hardware manufacturers in the world. To build a smooth and fast network for our companies, we need original new Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Cisco firewalls, and more.

However, there are some informal sellers in the market providing Cisco equipment with bad quality. To help you buy the real Cisco equipment, I share you some questions you should pay attention when buying Cisco equipment.

  1. Is the Cisco equipment you purchased from Cisco?

The Cisco equipment you buy should have an anti-counterfeiting label, and you can make anti-counterfeiting inquiries through the phone, SMS, or email on the anti-counterfeiting label.

Selling, using, or deliberately buying counterfeit Cisco equipment may lay hidden dangers to your network and your future.

  1. Is the Cisco equipment you purchased refurbished or second-hand?

The device models of Cisco devices are constantly updated. You should pay attention to whether the device models you purchased have been discontinued. If they are discontinued devices, they may be refurbished.

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The source of these refurbished equipment is very complicated. There are equipment that has been eliminated from the network upgrade. These equipment have no problems in use, but there may also be faulty equipment after maintenance. The failure points in these equipment may become new hidden troubles for future use.

You must note that Cisco defines all end-user information that does not match the actual end-user equipment as second-hand equipment, even if the equipment has not been opened. The rights and interests of such equipment in terms of warranty and software downloads will be affected. Because Cisco believes that the ownership of services and software cannot be transferred, it needs to be re-purchased at Cisco. If your information is not registered, you are not a legitimate authorized user.

  1. Can the Cisco equipment you buy get the original service that you should enjoy?

When you buy a Cisco device, you have to pay for one year of original factory service. This is a fee that must be paid, but has your agent registered you for this paid service? If you do not register, you may encounter trouble when you need the original service in the future.

  1. Does your agent register your information for the Cisco equipment you purchased?

See Question 3.

  1. Does your agent say that they have Cisco equipment in stock and do not need to order?

Cisco requires agents to register user information when shipping from the general agent. If your user information has not been given to your agent, they will say that it is in stock, and there is no need to place an order. You must be careful. Such stock may be a problematic product in the channel, and its registration information is someone else’s second-hand.

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  1. Has the product discontinued?

If your agent produces a product that has been discontinued, such a product is a refurbished product or a product that has been paid but cannot enjoy the original after-sales service.

If you need to know whether your equipment has been discontinued, you can check on Cisco’s official website or contact us (http://www.router-switch.com/).

  1. Whether the GBIC and SFP module you bought is a genuine Cisco product or is it a fake one?

The price of Cisco’s original GBIC and SFP modules is more than $100, while the small manufacturers’ modules are only more than $10. The price difference is very large, so counterfeit products appear. These counterfeit products may have light intensity or light emission at the transmitting end. The wavelength does not meet the standard requirements, the receiver sensitivity does not meet the standard, the service life is too short, and the work is unstable.

  1. You want to buy a genuine IOS or software, but have you got the real genuine product?

Be sure to confirm that the software product or Cisco SmartNet you bought has been registered and authorized, otherwise you may not be able to enjoy free upgrade and download services.


If you have other questions, welcome to leave your comments.

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