An article Tells You RTSP Formats of Hot Brands Network Cameras

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What is RTSP?

RTSP=Real-time Streaming Protocol is an application layer protocol used to control the transmission of real-time data.

Real-time monitoring code stream URL format requirements:

When requesting real-time monitoring stream RTSP streaming media service, the requested channel number and stream type should be specified in the URL, and if authentication information is required, the user name and password should be provided.

Streaming format of hot brand cameras

  1. Hikvision camera streaming


rtsp example

What does the above URL mean? Let us illustrate with examples:


Take the main stream of the first channel


Take the sub-stream of the first channel


Take the third stream of the first channel


If it is a multicast stream, use the following path:


Take the main stream preview of the first channel


  1. Dahua Camera Streaming

Ingest format:



username:such as admin.

password:such as admin.

IP:the IP of device port. Such as

port:The default port number is 554, if it is the default, leave it blank.

channel:Channel number, starting with 1. For example, channel 2 is channel=2.

subtype: stream type, the main stream is 0 (that is, subtype=0), and the auxiliary stream is 1 (that is, subtype=1).

  1. Uniview Camera Streaming

rtsp://{username}:{password}@{ip}:{port}/video1/2/3, corresponding to the main/secondary/three streams respectively;

rtsp://admin:admin@, represents the main stream;

rtsp://admin:admin@, represents the sub stream;

rtsp://admin:admin@, which means 3 streams;

  1. Infinova Camera Streaming

Ball Camera:

Unicast and multicast addresses are the same

Main stream: RTSP address: rtsp://admin:admin@

Low bit stream: RTSP address: rtsp://admin:admin@

Hemisphere and camera:


High bit stream (main stream) RTSP address: rtsp://

Low bit stream (sub stream) RTSP address: rtsp://


High stream (main stream) RTSP address: rtsp://

Low bit stream (sub stream) RTSP address: rtsp://

  1. Jovision Camera Streaming

rtsp://ip:8554/live1.264 (secondary stream)

rtsp://ip:8554/live0.264 (main stream)

RTSP address: rtsp:// (secondary stream)

rtsp:// (main stream)

After the url based on the rtsp protocol is determined, the video address can be broadcast live with the live streaming software.

VLC, vmix or obs, DingCaster and other related software are all available.

Tips: The default port of common brand cameras

Knowing the port is helpful when streaming.

Hikvision 80 554 443 80
Dahua 80 554 443 80 (onvif)
Jovision 80 554 / 80
Uniview 80 554 110 80

If you have any questions, welcome to leave your comments.

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