Cisco Firepower vs Juniper SRX: Top NGFWs Compared

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Both Cisco and Juniper Networks offer industry-leading next-generation firewalls (NGFWs). Both firewalls provide basic functions to meet the security needs of enterprises. Nevertheless, each product has obvious advantages and disadvantages. Before comparing, let’s first understand why and who needs a firewall.

Why use firewall software?

The firewall is the key to network security. They can prevent unwanted visitors from entering your network and prevent users in the network from accessing potentially dangerous websites or servers. It is essential to have firewall software to protect your organization’s data equipment.

Who is using firewall software?

A firewall is an essential network security component used in personal settings and enterprises that need to protect large computers, servers, and employee networks. Within the company, the digital security team is the main user of the firewall solution, and the network administrator has the greatest control and use rights over the firewall software.

Cisco product highlights

Overview: Cisco’s Firepower NGFW is designed to detect and mitigate attacks with deep visibility and advanced security features while maintaining optimal network performance and uptime. The key differences are in the areas of threat intelligence, visibility, and advanced security features. The company’s NGFW can be used as a hardware device and a virtual device for cloud deployment.

Analyst’s view: Gartner said that for most enterprise use cases, Cisco is a good candidate list, especially when companies seek to deploy a wide range of security services that interact with firewalls. Customers always rate the Cisco Support Network as excellent and use it as a reason for their loyalty to Cisco security products. Despite this, many customers still view complex and confusing licensing as a negative factor, and some customers are disappointed by the complexity of having to use Cisco Security Manager for the old firewall and the Firepower Management Center for the new firewall.

Juniper Networks product highlights

Overview: Juniper Networks SRX Series NGFW combines high-performance security with integrated services to provide application security, intrusion protection, and advanced threat detection for organizations of all sizes, including enterprise data centers, campuses and branch offices, and service provider infrastructure And cloud deployment. In addition to SRX hardware, Juniper Networks also provides vSRX virtual firewall and cSRX for containerized environments.

Analyst’s view: Gartner said that Juniper Networks is a good candidate list for companies seeking to obtain high throughput at a low price and the ability of firewalls to support advanced routing solutions. Customers praise the SRX for its easy configuration and rich interface, and they often use it as the main reason for choosing and continuing to use it. Despite this, Gartner customers stated that Juniper Networks lags behind its main competitors in releasing new security features, and it has a late time to market compared to competitors in areas such as public cloud support and VMware NSX integration (despite the recent two All have been announced).


Implementation and management: Juniper Networks customers choose SRX’s easy configuration and rich interface as the main reasons to choose and continue to use the product. Some Cisco users also regard UI as a key advantage. Despite this, some Cisco customers are still disappointed that Cisco Security Manager must be used to manage older models and Firepower Management Center to manage new models. Customers and partners see Cisco’s complex and confusing licensing as a major negative.

Support: Although both companies’ customers rate the vendor’s support positively, Gartner reports that Cisco’s support network is so strong that it is often cited as a key reason for loyalty to Cisco’s security products.

Cloud functions: Both solutions provide virtual devices and a series of cloud functions. Juniper Networks’ container-centric cSRX firewall is a unique product.

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