7 Basic Commands of Fortinet Fortigate Firewalls Configuration

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Fortinet provides us several types of Fortigate firewalls, including NGFW Entry-level Series,NGFW Middle-range Series, and NGFW High-end Series. Each series also has the similar configuration commands.

In this post, let’s study 7 basic commands.

1. Device console port settings

Fortinet Firewalls Configuration Commands-1

2.Set the interface IP

There are four roles for interface roles: WAN, LAN, DMZ, and Undefined. Each role has different functions. For example, LAN and Undefined can configure DHCP-related functions.

Fortinet Firewalls Configuration Commands-2

3.Set up the gateway

Fortinet Firewalls Configuration Commands-3

4.Set up DNS

Fortinet Firewalls Configuration Commands-4

5.Set up NTP

Fortinet Firewalls Configuration Commands-5

6.Set the time zone and hostname

Fortinet Firewalls Configuration Commands-6

7.Configuration backup

The configuration backup is backed up to via tftp. The backup name is configuration20200101.cfg

Fortinet Firewalls Configuration Commands-7

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