Huawei Access Point: Definition, Working and Comparison

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1.What is Huawei WiFi 6 wireless access point?

Huawei AirEngine 5760-51 is a next-generation Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) indoor Access Point (AP) with Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and flexible switching between dual-radio and triple-radio modes that excels at managing high performance and high-density scenarios.


Huawei’s exclusive Smart Antenna technology, derived from 5G advancements, allows signals to actively follow users, boosting signal gain and achieving high-quality coverage with no blind spots. Support for spatial streams can be enhanced from six to eight with a Right to Use (RTU) license. With interference scanning capabilities supplied by independent radio, AirEngine 5760-51 has no trouble operating in high-interference conditions. Because of these advantages, the AirEngine 5760-51 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including business offices, retail, and manufacturing.

2.What are the features of the Huawei WiFi 6 wireless access point?

• Smart Antennas

Dual-band co-planar Smart Antennas automatically suppress interference, increase signal strength, and give 20% better coverage distance, resulting in high-quality wireless coverage with no blind spots.


• Software-Defined Radio

Switching between dual-radio and triple-radio modes with flexibility increases concurrent capacity by 50%, with the ability to respond to bandwidth-intensive and high-concurrency circumstances.

• IoT Expansion

With built-in, dual IoT slots and a USB port that adapt to numerous IoT protocols, such as RFID and ZigBee, the device supports BLE 5.0 by default, meeting access requirements for a variety of IoT terminals.

3.How do Huawei wireless access points work?

Access points communicate with your broadband router or network switch via an Ethernet or data wire. This supplies the AP with the necessary internet connection and bandwidth. It then emits and receives a wireless signal in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency bands (WiFi). This allows you to connect wirelessly to your LAN and the internet.


Wireless access points are ideal for devices where a physical Ethernet cable cannot or would be difficult to connect, making them ideal for delivering an internet connection to smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless audio systems, smart TVs, and other devices. Many people adhere to the “wires for things that don’t move, WiFi for those that do” mindset. This means that for the best, fastest, and most secure connection for your PCs and Smart TVs, a dedicated Ethernet cable would be the best way to go, but drilling holes in walls and lifting floorboards to install some Category 5 would be the next best solution, so a good wireless connection would be the next best solution.

4.Comparison: Cisco vs HPE vs Huawei

  Cisco HPE Huawei
Recognize and service 1400+ apps
Track users on-location via BLE or Wi-Fi Limited
Engage with customers on location X
Monitoring by endpoint type Very limited functionality, with Aruba Tunneled Node offered as a limited solution. iPCA is offered as an option but provides limited platform support and visibility.
Support new capabilities without major upgrades No support for modular APs. Switching platforms use a custom ASIC with limited extensibility.
Improve the experience for Apple users Limited Limited
Help ensure a positive user experience during peak times Limited Limited
Consistent application performance across the ​network X Limited
Detect and set features to new devices Limited X
Power resiliency for IoT and other devices Very Limited Limited
Consistent automation across the WAN, WLAN, and wired network​ Limited Limited
Threat detection Limited Limited
Security active-learning X
Intent-based networking for availability, agility, and policy segmentation X X

 5.Hot Access Point Recommendations.

Brand Model
Cisco AIR-AP3802E-B-K9



Aruba Q9H62A





Huawei AirEngine 5760-51

AirEngine 5760-10

AirEngine 6760-X1

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