Which UniFi Switch is right for you?

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Ubiquiti not only has high-performance equipment, but also relatively affordable price, which makes Ubiquiti very competitive among many technology companies. UniFi Switches help you power, connect, and handle traffic to other devices.

Since each deployment is different in size and layout, different classes of switches are also used. These switches are designed to optimize any network in any environment. These categories are explored further below to help you identify the model that will give you the most value.

Unifi Switches

Flex and Lite switches are designed to be sleeker than traditional switches, so you can easily place them anywhere without ruining your decor. These switches offer a wide range of bandwidth, uplink speeds, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. Besides that, they can be mounted on the wall or sit on your desk!

UniFi Switch models bring more uplink and power versatility to high-speed, device-intensive networks. The UniFi Switch Pro Series is even more powerful with enhanced fiber connectivity, routing and PoE options.

The UniFi Switch Enterprise model is the ideal solution for demanding deployments. These switches are designed to channel large amounts of data and take full advantage of the power of UniFi 6 products.

To help you secure your enterprise deployment, UniFi Switch Mission Critical would be a good choice. Mission Critical is a PoE switch with uninterruptible power supply that keeps your critical equipment (and UniFi Access products) running through outages and internal failures through its robust internal battery and external battery backup connectors.

Detailed network insights anytime, anywhere

Keeping track of ports and devices can be a headache, so ubnt all switches allow individual port naming, locking and configuration – all from your UniFi network app. With UniFi Network, you get real-time insights that help optimize your deployment.

Key network details are also visible on the sleek touchscreen built into our UniFi PoE Switch, Switch Pro and Switch Enterprise models. You can even use your phone to view an augmented reality overlay that labels each port with connected devices!

Choose the switch that’s right for you

Choosing the right UniFi switch is critical to improving network performance. To learn more, check out the comparison table below for a more in-depth breakdown of the features.

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