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The highly anticipated ICT webinar, Beyond the Boundary, held at 14:00 GMT+8 Oct 26th, 2022, was hosted by and discussed the ICT market trend of 2023 with our experienced speakers and audiences. Each speaker has put forward their professional ideas to help the audience understand more about the new global ICT industry trend.

Why Hold this Webinar?

Driven by the ever-changing wave of the digital and new-generation industrial landscape, the global ICT industry will also usher in a new trend of change. As a well-known cross-field, the ICT industry continuously extends its boundaries and possibilities.

This webinar, hosted by, is committed to analyzing the ICT market trends, boosting further industry development, and building a bridge between industry elites, management leaders, and experts.

At the event, you’ll gain rare insights from industry leaders and learn about market pioneers’ innovative practices. Together, let’s go beyond the boundary.

Four Topics Included:

  1. ICT Market Trendsand Prospects in Africa (Nigeria) – Lawal Olawoye
  2. Kenya Market Analysis and Business Development – Peter Areke
  3. Sudan Market Analysis and Business Digitization – Abdalla Elkhider
  4. ICT Industry, Challenges Faced by Global Supply Chain and’s Coping Strategies – Jane Zhou

2023 ICT Market Insight

According to speeches by these ICT specialists, the trends of the ICT market in 2023 may go like this:

1. Number of ICT Practitioners Increases, and Demand for ICT Education Rises

In Mr. Lawal Olawoye’s view, the number of ICT practitioners is increasing yearly. As a result, both large corporations and SMBs are beginning to find the necessity to own and invest in their ICTs.

Many young people are beginning to access training in coding/programming, networking, cybersecurity, systems administration, web development, social media marketing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, telecommunications and communications, etc., as a result of increased internet awareness and easy access to online courses.

We can anticipate that the ICT market will continue to grow and that the infusion of new talent will lead to advancements in the ICT industry and technology.

2. African Countries Have Higher Demand for ICT

Sub-Saharan African countries are pregnant with an ambitious plan to become upper-middle-income for its booming economy by 2030, Mr. Peter Areke said.

This $1 billion tech ecosystem will highly attract entrepreneurs. And countless investors and technologists alike will enter the African market. Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and Intel have already made their home in this cradle of innovation.

The African market has unquestionably great potential, given the more congested ICT markets in Europe and America today. Moreover, more ICT service providers who have just joined the African market feel confident because of this trend.

3. Digitization and Cybersecurity

As the CEO of an IT supplies company, Mr. Abdalla Elkhider said, most companies today are undergoing a digital transformation of their business — from modernizing the applications and creating a new business to building models of new products and services for customers.

Among them, customers will be more in need of cybersecurity and data privacy platforms, which provide great opportunities for secure network deployment in the ICT market.

Furthermore, digitization also increases the need for data storage. As a result, there will be a gradual increase in the demand for security and server products in the ICT market to meet the needs of the front-end business.

4. SMBs Will Turn to Low-cost Brands

It is well known that international giants’ products are often pricey and that license purchases are subject to limitations.

In this complex and volatile global environment, to reduce operating costs and overcome the high price and license problems of brand-name products, more and more SMBs will focus on low-cost brands.

In this situation, more small and medium-sized enterprises will favor those high-quality ICT products with low prices, even if they’re not that famous.

Respondence of

The global ICT industry is at an extraordinary time, as was previously said. So, what will do in these circumstances?

The director of the global supplier channel of, Ms. Jane Zhou, gave her opinions:

In the era of VUCA, (RS for short) takes flexible measures:
  1. RS has been developing a global supply chain, such as warehouse points, local sales, etc.;
  2. RS has been trying to solve the contradiction between the increasing order volume and insufficient supply. For example, RS has made a large number of stock orders in advance, shared information with customers and suppliers;
  3. RS has always been emphasizing safety first, such as employees’ lives, corporate funds, etc.;
  4. RS has strengthened customer trust by launching a 3-year warranty service and alliance with customers.

Future Must Be Bright

From this webinar, both speakers and audiences are full of confidence in the future of the ICT industry. These ICT stakeholders believe that it will have a better performance in 2023. As an experienced expert in the ICT industry, will still strive to connect people to the rest of the world with IT hardware.

We’re glad to announce that the ICT Webinar 2022: Beyond the Boundary, 2023 ICT Market Insight has concluded with a perfect ending, and we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has been supporting us. will bring you more professional and industrial events in the future, and we are sorting out the speech materials of the special guests and will share them with you at that time. Please stay tuned!

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