Juniper Networks Introduces Campus Fabric Workflow and New EX Series Switch for Simplified Campus Networking

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Juniper Networks has launched a new process called Campus Fabric Workflow to simplify the complicated campus networking process as part of its Wired Assurance programme. Juniper’s Campus Fabric Workflow helps customers deploy EVPN multihoming, EVPN core/distribution and IP Clos for VLAN extensions with an easy process that lets them pick their desired topology, assign devices/roles and push configurations. Campus Fabric Workflow is intended to make it much simpler to configure and manage networks, and gather insights about what apps are running and what devices are accessing them, said Christian Gilby, Senior Director of Product Marketing with Juniper. The service can identify and correct many switching problems, such as missing VLANs, port flaps, and bad cables.

Juniper also announced services called Juniper Mist Wired Assurance Deployment Service and Juniper Mist Campus Deployment Service that will give access to Juniper experts, automation tools, and best-practice design methodologies to help improve workflows and reduce the burden on IT teams. Wired Assurance taps into Juniper’s network operating system, Junos OS, and gathers telemetry data to measure network performance for connected endpoints, including IoT devices.

Juniper has also announced the launch of its new EX series campus switch, the 1RU EX4400-24X Distribution Switch, expanding its EX family of switches aimed at campus distribution deployments and low-density data-centre top-of-rack environments. The 24x10GbE port, 1080Gbps capacity EX4400 can be deployed as a distribution switch in large campuses or a core switch in small or medium campus networks. It features zero-touch provisioning and can be automatically configured and managed via Mist Wired Assurance. Juniper’s Virtual Chassis technology enables configuring and managing up to 10 switches as a single logical device.
Juniper offers a range of tools and services to help customers reduce the time and cost of designing, provisioning and deploying standards-based networks such as EVPN while improving connectivity and security.

Juniper Networks offers a range of networking products to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small offices to large enterprises. Some popular product lines available on include Juniper EX Series switches, Juniper SRX Series security devices, Juniper QFX Series switches, and Juniper MX Series routers. These products are designed to deliver high performance, reliability, and security for businesses while offering advanced features such as automation, analytics, and cloud integration. By choosing Juniper products from, businesses can benefit from the latest networking technologies and solutions to help them stay competitive in today’s digital marketplace.


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