Intel’s Connectivity Analytics Program Provides Chipset-Level Insights for Wi-Fi Networks

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Intel has launched a new program to simplify gathering insights about Wi-Fi network operations and performance. The Intel Connectivity Analytics program provides a software development kit (SDK) that can deliver deep insights about wireless traffic transmitted by Intel-based Wi-Fi 6 chipsets. The goal of the program is to provide network-level telemetry right from the source to improve the overall wireless experience for users. It aims to offer network performance optimization, security threat detection, and issue resolution. The Intel Connectivity Analytics program is a partner-led effort with Wyebot and Ambeent among the initial participating vendors.

The software enables access to information coming from the client that was previously unavailable to businesses. The program aims to provide insights into what applications are running, how much time is spent on those applications, and what network traffic looks like. Organizations previously had to place hardware sensors in enterprise networks and industrial applications to collect the type of data Intel can now gather from every Intel-powered Wi-Fi client already present in an environment. The analytics platform can help organizations optimize Wi-Fi networks by obtaining information from sensors that feed into the company’s cloud analysis engine. offers a variety of Intel-based networking products and solutions, including switches, routers, wireless access points, and modules. Customers can choose from a variety of products, including the Intel X710-DA4 4-Port 10GbE SFP+ NIC, the Intel X550-T2 10 Gigabit Ethernet Converged Network Adapter, and the Intel X710DA2 10GB PCI-E Ethernet Network Adapter. Router-switch also offers a wide selection of other network solutions and accessories, including power adapters, cables, and power supplies. Customers can trust Router-switch for reliable and efficient solutions for all their networking needs.

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