Accelerating innovation and transformation: Fastweb joins forces with HPE to modernize cloud services

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Recently, HPE announced that it has reached a cooperation with Fastweb S.p.A, a leading Italian telecom operator. Fastweb will modernize the Fastcloud business unit with HPE GreenLake, HPE’s industry-leading edge-to-cloud platform. The move aims to accelerate the speed at which Fastwe can deploy new services and increase business agility. At the same time, HPE GreenLake will also bring advantages to Fastweb in terms of corporate governance, security and operations, and improve the visibility of IT resource utilization and costs.

Fastweb has 3.1 million fixed network customers and 3 million mobile network customers. Among them, the Fastcloud business unit focuses on cloud solutions for enterprises and government departments, covering infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to software as a service (SaaS), including artificial intelligence, big data analysis and Internet of Things and other solutions. As the business continued to grow, the Fastcloud business unit wanted to modernize its technology environment to more quickly deploy its portfolio of cloud services. While achieving this goal, cost was also a key consideration for Fastcloud – Fastcloud wanted to avoid costly over-provisioning and minimize the resources required for power and cooling.

From a cost perspective, HPE GreenLake is an excellent choice for Fastcloud. Data shows that customers moving from a traditional capex model to HPE GreenLake can reduce energy costs and total cost of ownership by more than 30% over five years.
Domenico Impellicceri, Director of Fastcloud Business Unit, said: “The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform enables us to provide innovative cloud services to our customers, helping them grow their business and improve their market competitiveness. After choosing HPE’s solution, we can better understand our own capacity utilization and energy consumption. This will not only prevent resource over-provisioning, but also help Fastweb better manage costs and carbon footprint, which is critical to our business.”
Regarding the cooperation between the two parties, Mauro Colombo, Technology and Innovation Director of HPE Italy, also said, “I am very proud that HPE GreenLake can become Fastweb’s strategic partner to promote the cloud journey. HPE GreenLake is a unique platform that allows customers to use IT resources in the form of “as-a-service” in the entire infrastructure from the edge to the cloud, and achieves consistent performance, governance and compliance. Therefore, Fastweb can focus on providing value-added services to its customers when HPE provides IT cloud services.”
It is worth mentioning that Npo Sistemi also played a role that cannot be ignored in this cooperation. Npo Sistemi is an Italian professional IT solution and service company and an authorized partner of HPE, helping HPE deliver the HPE GreenLake solution for Fastweb.
Stefano Lombardi, Marketing Director of Npo Sistemi, said, “For many years, NPO Sistemi has maintained a cooperative relationship with Fastweb, ensuring the success of multiple projects such as cloud computing and data center optimization. It is a great honor to help implement the implementation of the HPE GreenLake solution. I believe this move will bring greater benefits to Fastweb and its customers.”

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