Huawei’s Commitment to Latin America: Advancing Digital Skills with UNESCO

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Huawei, the global technology giant, has joined hands with UNESCO’s Multisector Regional Office in Santiago to champion the development of digital talent in Latin America and the Caribbean. The formalized commitment was sealed through a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Michael Xue, Vice President of Huawei for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Claudia Uribe, the Director of UNESCO Multisector Regional Office in Santiago. This milestone agreement was celebrated at the second LAC ICT Talent Summit in Bogotá, a premier event that unfolded on December 4th and 5th.

Addressing the Challenge: Nurturing Digital Talent

The summit, conducted in collaboration with the Government of Colombia, GIZ, and EFE, revolved around the theme “Deepening the development of digital talent in the intelligent era.” Experts gathered to deliberate on education and the acquisition of digital skills in the age of artificial intelligence, recognizing the profound influence of emerging technologies on future generations’ education.

With nearly 600 attendees, including educational leaders, ministers, government officials, and talented students from the region, the summit delved into the challenges of developing digital talent, emphasizing good practices, policy formulations, and strategies to bridge gaps in talent development, particularly gender and geographic divides.

UNESCO’s Insights on Digital Divides

UNESCO underscored the existing challenges in narrowing digital divides, emphasizing limited access to educational resources, qualified educators, and infrastructure, particularly in underserved communities and rural areas. Claudia Uribe highlighted the extraordinary growth potential of the ICT industry in Latin America and the Caribbean, presenting an opportunity to address regional challenges through innovative solutions.

Huawei’s Commitment and Initiatives

Daniel Zhou, President of Huawei for Latin America and the Caribbean, emphasized technology’s role in improving lives. Huawei’s commitment to utilizing technology for human development was emphasized, with a focus on improving lives, communities, and overall human well-being.

The summit witnessed the celebration of Huawei’s 13th edition of the Seeds for the Future talent program in Latin America and the Caribbean. Launched in 2014, the program has expanded to around 20 countries, awarding 2,100 scholarships to support students in ICT technologies. Jeff Wang, President of Public Affairs and Communications at Huawei, emphasized the company’s commitment to developing digital talent as an essential part of their vision.

Furthermore, Huawei’s collaboration extends to 470 local universities and colleges through its Huawei ICT Academy program. This initiative aims to provide capacity-building assistance to educational institutions, enabling them to offer certification programs. The company has also organized Global ICT Competitions, with several student teams from Latin America reaching global finals.

Looking Ahead: Huawei’s Pledge to Local Talent

Jeff Wang reiterated Huawei’s commitment to working closely with all stakeholders to identify local talents, organize training programs, and provide a global platform for showcasing their skills. As a pivotal player in the ICT landscape, Huawei continues to contribute significantly to the development of digital talent in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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