Aruba 2540 JL357A: Empowering Seamless Networking Performance and Scalability

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In this product review, we’ll dive into the features and capabilities of the Aruba 2540 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ Switch (JL357A). This high-performance switch promises to deliver efficient and seamless networking solutions, making it a popular choice for businesses seeking reliable network infrastructure.

 Performance and Features:

JL357A Specification

Ports (48) RJ-45 autosensing 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports
(4) SFP+ 1/10GbE ports
Memory and processor Dual Core ARM Coretex A9 @ 1016 MHz
Packet buffer size: 12.38 MB 4.5MB Ingress/7.875MB Egress
Latency 1000 Mb Latency: < 3.8 µs
10 Gbps Latency: < 1.6 µs
Throughput up to 112 Mpps
Switching capacity 176 Gbps
PoE capability 370 W PoE+
Management features Aruba AirWave Network Management
IMC – Intelligent Management Center
Command-line interface
Web browser
Configuration menu
SNMP manager
Out-of-band management (serial RS-232C or micro USB)
Input voltage 100 – 127 / 200 – 240 VAC, rated
Power consumption 459 W (maximum)
Heat dissipation 1566 BTU/hr (1652.13 kJ/hr)
Product dimensions (H x W x D) 17.42 x 11.98 x 1.73 in

The Aruba 2540 JL357A boasts impressive performance with 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and four SFP+ ports. The PoE+ capability allows for hassle-free power delivery to connected devices, eliminating the need for extra power sources. This switch excels in connecting workstations, servers, access points, and IP phones, ensuring fast data transfer and a stable network environment.

Scalability is a notable feature of the Aruba 2540 JL357A, supporting up to 10-member stacking for seamless network expansion. Its advanced Layer 3 features, including static and dynamic routing protocols, enhance network efficiency and ensure smooth data flow.Designed for the digital workplace, the Aruba 2540 switch series is managed and optimized for mobile users. Leveraging advanced security and network management tools – Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and Aruba AirWave – this Layer 2 access switch is easy to deploy and manage. With support from cloud-based Aruba Central, you can quickly set up remote branch sites with little or no IT support. The 2540 provides entry-level capabilities for enterprise campuses, small and medium businesses, and branch offices. It offers built-in 10GbE uplinks, powerful QoS, static and RIP routing, IPv6, PoE+ models, and requires no software licenses.

Security and Quality of Service (QoS) you can rely on:

The Aruba 2540 switch series includes security and quality of service features to build a network that not only meets changing corporate policy and compliance requirements, but also helps protect your data from internal or external threats.

Flexible authentication options, including standards-based security protocols such as 802.1X, MAC, and web authentication, to increase security and improve policy-driven application authentication.

Powerful multi-level access security control functions, including source port filtering, RADIUS/TACACS+, SSL, port security, and MAC address locking.

 User Experience and Reviews:

Users have commended the Aruba 2540 JL357A for its user-friendly web interface, simplifying configuration and management tasks even for less experienced network administrators. The switch’s fanless design ensures silent operation, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments like classrooms and conference rooms.

Security is a top priority, and the JL357A delivers with access control lists (ACLs) and DHCP snooping to safeguard against unauthorized access and potential threats. Its Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities prioritize critical data traffic, ensuring seamless service for latency-sensitive applications like VoIP and video conferencing.

Router-switch Website Experience:

Router-switch is a reputable and trusted online platform for networking products. With a user-friendly interface and an extensive inventory of top-tier brands, including Aruba, Cisco, and HP, Router-switch offers a convenient one-stop-shop for all networking needs. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through excellent service and timely delivery.


In conclusion, the Aruba 2540 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ Switch (JL357A) delivers outstanding networking performance and scalability. Its feature-rich design, coupled with a seamless user experience, makes it an excellent addition to any business network. To optimize your network infrastructure and unlock the full potential of the Aruba 2540 JL357A, explore Router-switch and take advantage of their secure and convenient online purchasing platform.

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