Huawei Enterprise Transmission Access: 9 New Models of OptiXstar ONU

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What is ONU?

ONU (Optical Network Unit) is divided into active optical network unit and passive optical network unit. Generally, the equipment equipped with an optical receiver, an upstream optical transmitter, and multiple bridge amplifier network monitoring devices is called an optical node. The PON is connected to the OLT using a single fiber, and then the OLT is connected to the ONU. ONU provides services such as data, IPTV (that is, interactive network TV), and voice (using IAD, that is, Integrated Access Device), and truly implements “triple-play” applications.

There are various brands of ONU products, but we must introduce the hot one, Huawei.

Huawei Access Network product is one of the best Access Network hardware in the world.

Huawei OptiXstar series products extend the optical connection to every family, every enterprise, every campus, let people connect with families more closely, and make enterprises operate more efficiently.

Recently, some new OptiXstar ONU were released. Read this table to know these models:

Model Description
Huawei OptiXstar P602E • NNI: GPON

• UNI: 4GE

• 160 mm x 110mm x 30 mm

Huawei OptiXstar P603E • NNI: GPON

• UNI: 8GE

• 220mm x 150mm x 35mm

Huawei OptiXstar P612E • NNI: GPON


• 190 mm x 130mm x 35 mm

Huawei OptiXstar P613E • NNI: GPON


• 220 mm x 150mm x 35 mm

Huawei OptiXstar P622E • NNI: Dual GPON

• UNI: 4GE

•160 mm x 110mm x 30 mm

Huawei OptiXstar P802E • NNI: XGS-GPON

• UNI: 4GE

•160 mm x 110mm x 30 mm

Huawei OptiXstar P803E • NNI: XGS-GPON

• UNI: 8GE

• 220mm x 150mm x 35mm

Huawei OptiXstar P812E • NNI: XGS-GPON

• UNI: 4GE+1*2.5GE(POE/POE+)

• 220mm x 150mm x 35mm

Huawei OptiXstar P813E • NNI: XGS-GPON


• 220mm x 150mm x 35mm

View this table, you may find a strange word “XGS-GPON”. What is it?

PON (Passive Optical Network) is a typical passive optical fiber network. It means that (in the optical distribution network) does not contain any electronic devices and electronic power supplies. GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) is based on the TU-TG.984.x standard for the new generations of broadband passive optical access.

GPON provides the unprecedented high bandwidth downlink rate of up to 2.5 Gbit/s, the asymmetric features better adapt to the broadband data services market. Now we know there is 10G GPON in the PON family. XGS-PON is one of the modes of 10G GPON.

XG-PON: 10G GPON Asymmetric mode (Downlink rate: 9.953Gbit/s, Uplink rate: 2.488Gbit/s).

XGS-PON: 10G GPON Symmetrical mode (Downlink rate: 9.953Gbit/s, Uplink rate: 9.953Gbit/s).

This mean Huawei OptiXstar new ONU can provide 10G GPON access and faster speed than old models.

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What application scenario are these ONU designed for?

Almost all of them are designed for campus access. About Huawei access network solution, we must introduce the “Passive Optical LAN Solution: Huawei Campus OptiX”.

Huawei’s Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution — Huawei Campus OptiX — tackles these challenges head on. From enterprises to educational institutions, through power companies, to traffic management systems, hotels, and hospitals, Huawei Campus OptiX provides full-service transmission and long-distance passive transmission to reconstruct Local Area Networks (LANs). Fibers reach access points directly to reduce end cabling, offering high bandwidth and low latency. The hub-spoke architecture simplifies the network, improves Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency, provides future-oriented evolution capabilities, and protects enterprise investment. If you’re interested, you can learn more here: Huawei Passive Optical LAN Solution.

Go back to our topic, the OptiXstar new ONU.

What type of customers will need these ONU?

We know ONU is not a device which can be installed by end-users directly. ONU always is provided by network provider. Providers will help end-users deploy network according to their needs. Here, we may have question about the differences between ONU and ONT.

The ONT is part of the ONU and is the product of the xPON network access scheme. Generally speaking, the ONT is the ONU, which is a network equipment for the user side. The difference is that the ONT is an optical network terminal, and the direct connection is located at the user end. The ONU is an optical network unit. There may be other networks, such as Ethernet, with the user.

Last, if you want to learn more about Huawei OptiXstar series, please visit Huawei website.

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