Cisco Aironet 2800, the New Indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 APs

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The Cisco Aironet 2800 is one of the new Cisco Indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 APs. (Read more: All the Benefits of 802.11ac Wave 2). It has been announced with the Cisco Aironet 3800 series by Cisco at the beginning of this February.

  1. The new Cisco Aironet 2800 Series Access Points supports 802.11ac Wave 2 in Mission-Critical Networks.
  2. It brings 802.11ac Wave 2 functionality to mid- and large-sized enterprises, with many state-of-the-art, industry-leading features.

The Aironet 2800 Series offers:

  • 802.11ac Wave 2 support with Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO): Provides better client device performance by delivering data to clients simultaneously.
  • Flexible Radio Assignment: Optimizes your wireless network for high density conditions in real time.
  • Dual 5-GHz Support: The Cisco Aironet 2800 access points offer two times the scale of 5-GHz mobile devices so you gain a significant increase in performance in high-density environments.

With Cisco High Density Experience (HDX) built in, the Cisco Aironet 2800 Series access point offers superior performance in networks with a large number of wireless clients. HDX is a collection of features that address the needs of high-density networks and uses. Customized chipsets with a best-in-class RF architecture provide a better user experience for enterprise networks designed for mission-critical, high-performance applications.


Smart Antenna Connector

A second physical antenna connection allows for advanced network design flexibility for in high-density deployments and large open area coverage.

Examples include:

  • High-ceiling auditoriums
  • Convention centers, arenas, and stadiums
  • Libraries
  • Cafeterias


Improved Client Performance

  1. Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO) provides better end device efficiency through simultaneous data transfer between supporting clients and the access point.
  2. Turbo Performance, an HDX feature, scales accordingly to the amount of devices running high-bandwidth applications.
  3. Cisco CleanAir Technology, also an HDX feature, classifies and eliminates more than 20 different types of interference, including non-Wi-Fi interference within 5 to 30 seconds.

Cisco Aironet 2800 Series Access Points


About the Part Numbers of Cisco Aironet 2800 Access Point

Item Specification
Part numbers Cisco Aironet 2800i Access Point: Indoor environments, with internal antennas

●  AIR-AP2802I-x-K9: Dual-band, controller-based 802.11a/g/n/ac

●  AIR-AP2802I-xK910: Eco-pack (dual-band 802.11a/g/n/ac) 10 quantity access points

Cisco Aironet 2800e Access Point: Indoor, challenging environments, with external antennas

●  AIR-AP2802E-x-K9: Dual-band controller-based 802.11a/g/n/ac

●  AIR-AP2802E-xK910: Eco-pack (dual-band 802.11a/g/n/ac), 10 quantity access points

Regulatory domains: (x = regulatory domain)

Customers are responsible for verifying approval for use in their individual countries. To verify approval and to identify the regulatory domain that corresponds to a particular country, visit

Not all regulatory domains have been approved. As they are approved, the part numbers will be available on the Global Price List.

Cisco Wireless LAN Services

● AS-WLAN-CNSLT: Cisco Wireless LAN Network Planning and Design Service

● AS-WLAN-CNSLT: Cisco Wireless LAN 802.11n Migration Service

● AS-WLAN-CNSLT: Cisco Wireless LAN Performance and Security Assessment Service

More detailed information about the Cisco Aironet 2800 series, such as Product Specifications, features and benefits you can read here


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