CTO vs. BTO: Tailoring Your HPE Server for Your Needs

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When it comes to ordering an HPE server, one might wonder: CTO or BTO? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll explore the meanings and differences between CTO (Configuration-To-Order) and BTO (Build-To-Order) and help you choose the right path for your specific server needs.

CTO: Configuration-To-Order

CTO, Configuration-To-Order, represents the process of configuring HPE factory orders. In this approach, specific product numbers correspond to related HPE products. The factory assembles the product according to these product numbers. However, based on the product’s market, there can be 3-7 variations of the same product, each with a unique code.

For instance, let’s consider 872475-B21, a factory order code representing the HPE 300GB SAS 10K SFF SC DS HDD. This product corresponds to the distribution model code 872735-001 and HPE Direct Code 872475-S21. In essence, the product code can differ based on the product’s destination market.

BTO: Build-To-Order

BTO, Build-To-Order, revolves around distributor order numbers. In this model, Hewlett-Packard produces existing models on demand, including components like CPU, memory, array cards, and power supplies. The distribution model can vary depending on the country and region. For instance, you might encounter country-specific codes like xxxxxx-AA1 in China, xxxxxx-291 in Japan, and xxxxxx-B21 in other regions. HPE’s direct sales might use different codes like xxxxxx-S21 or xxxxxx-425.

Key Differences Between CTO and BTO:
  1. Configuration Process:
    • CTO: In a CTO order, all the user’s requirements are submitted to the factory for assembly. The entire server, along with its components, is configured to meet the user’s specifications. This means that CTO orders tend to take a bit more time due to the detailed customization process. However, the advantage is that product quality can be strictly controlled.
    • BTO: BTO orders are managed by HPE dealers who assemble distribution models based on the customer’s requirements. These models typically include key components like CPU and memory. Since the process involves assembly from existing models, BTO orders are generally faster. However, it’s important to note that the product quality may not be as rigorously controlled as in CTO orders.

In conclusion, choosing between CTO and BTO for your HPE server order depends on your specific requirements and preferences. If you need a server tailored to your exact specifications and can wait for the customization, CTO might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you need a faster solution and can work within the parameters of existing models, BTO could be your ideal choice.

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