Mastering Network Stability: The Differences between Traffic Suppression and Storm Control

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In the realm of network management, two key strategies, Traffic Suppression and Storm Control, play pivotal roles in maintaining a stable and efficient network environment. Let’s unravel the distinctions between these techniques and explore how can be your ally in navigating through potential network storms.

Understanding Traffic Suppression:

Traffic Suppression is designed to keep the traffic rate within acceptable limits by regulating incoming and outgoing traffic on interfaces. When the rate of specific packets surpasses the configured threshold, the switch takes action. For instance, in the case of unknown unicast packets, if the threshold is set at 100 pps, the switch allows only 100 packets per second, discarding the excess. It’s an effective mechanism to prevent network congestion and ensure optimal performance.

Decoding Storm Control:

Storm Control, on the other hand, targets broadcast storms by controlling incoming traffic. If the average rate of packets within the storm control interval exceeds the upper threshold, the switch takes corrective action, such as blocking or shutting down the interface. For example, with unknown unicast packets, if the upper threshold is 100 pps and the lower threshold is 20 pps within a 5-second interval, the switch intervenes when the received packets exceed 500 in 5 seconds. This proactive approach prevents network disruptions caused by broadcast storms.

How Makes a Difference:

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