Dell and Imbue Unleash a $150M Powerhouse for Advanced AI Development

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Dell Technologies and Imbue, an independent AI research company, have embarked on a $150 million project to construct a state-of-the-art high-performance computing cluster. The primary objective is to advance the training of foundation models optimized for sophisticated reasoning capabilities. This partnership positions Imbue as a unique player in the AI landscape, known for developing independent foundation models that undergo extensive training to enhance their reasoning abilities. These capabilities include advanced problem-solving, self-analysis, and the ability to break down complex goals into actionable plans.

Addressing the Core Challenge: Advanced Reasoning

Imbue distinguishes itself by focusing on foundational models that go beyond conventional AI frameworks. The aim is to imbue these models with reasoning abilities such as discerning when to seek additional information, critically evaluating their own outputs, and strategizing to achieve challenging objectives. The ultimate goal is to develop practical tools and agents that can effectively assist professionals in various domains. This includes aiding engineers in code development, helping analysts in crafting intricate policy proposals, and more.

Empowering AI Innovation with Dell Technologies

Jeff Boudreau, Chief AI Officer at Dell Technologies, emphasizes the pivotal role of technology in propelling human progress. The partnership with Imbue is a testament to Dell’s commitment to driving AI innovation from the research level. Dell’s technology serves as the powerhouse that fuels Imbue’s quest to unearth the next generation of impactful AI solutions.

The Technological Backbone: Dell PowerEdge and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs

Imbue’s high-performance computing cluster is a marvel, featuring Dell PowerEdge XE9680 servers equipped with nearly 10,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. This formidable infrastructure is tailored for AI model training and the development of prototype agents. Imbue is already leveraging this system to address real-world challenges, including bug correction in code and comprehensive analysis of lengthy documents.

Long-Term Vision: Trustworthy, Autonomous AI Agents

Looking ahead, Imbue envisions designing more capable and trustworthy AI agents that operate with minimal user supervision. The goal is to create a future where AI agents can autonomously plan activities on behalf of users, ranging from vacations to other decision-making processes. Imbue’s commitment to advancing reasoning abilities sets the stage for a new era in AI application.

Strategic Design: Clusters for Experimentation and Efficient Networking

Imbue and Dell have meticulously designed the system, incorporating smaller clusters to facilitate rapid experimentation on novel model architectures. Additionally, the system enables seamless networking into a large cluster, ensuring the efficient training of large-scale foundation models. This strategic design showcases the commitment to flexibility and scalability in AI research.

Green AI: Sustainability and Efficiency

Dell’s PowerEdge servers are not just about power; they are designed for efficiency and sustainability. The Smart Cooling features ensure optimal performance while reducing the overall carbon footprint of the data center. Imbue’s system, managed by Voltage Park, a cloud compute provider specializing in machine learning solutions, aligns with the vision of environmentally conscious and efficient AI computing.

Invitation to Explore Innovation at

Imbue’s journey with Dell Technologies in revolutionizing AI is a testament to the power of collaboration and cutting-edge infrastructure. To explore more about this transformative initiative and delve into the world of advanced AI, visit

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