Cisco Routers: Routing Systems Meet the Needs of Any IT Environment

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Cisco router is increasingly preferred by more IT professionals over hardware by other brands.

From small businesses to global enterprises, more organizations depend on Cisco routers to run their networks smoothly and reliably.

Why Cisco Routers?Cisco routing family

Power – Other routers simply aren’t built for the same circuit speed, capacity or overall performance.

Scalability – Today’s businesses need their networks to grow with them, and every Cisco router is designed with this in mind. From small LANs and WANs to integration with remote data centers, these routers are highly scalable, no matter what the need.

Cost – Despite being the most sought after hardware, each Cisco router is priced competitively and has additional cost-savings built in.

Security – No matter how sensitive the data on your network, security should never be compromised. Cisco builds its routers with the most advanced security technology on the market.

Reliability –Out of all the technology in an IT environment, the router is not something you should have to worry about on a daily basis. But unfortunately, routers from other brands are prone to failure and disrupted service – simply because of the way they’re designed.

These are just a few reasons why IT managers consistently choose Cisco over other router options. Cisco has been in the game since 1984, so it’s no wonder that their technology continues to outperform their competitors’.

Which Cisco Router is Right for Your IT Needs?

Of course, not every Cisco router has the same capabilities. Cisco has developed a comprehensive suite of routing solutions, designed to fit the specific needs of every operation.

Branch RoutersCisco Router Expert

Cisco branch routers are designed for optimization of branch services, increasing network power on a single platform. Each Cisco router enables the network to adapt and support new application developments as your organization’s needs grow? Key benefits and capabilities:

  • Cisco’s “borderless” technology enables maximum security across all network devices and a seamless user experience
  • Video ready architecture is built for better collaboration through rich-media applications like video conferencing and video surveillance
  • Service virtualization through Cisco Services Ready Engines provides seamless cloud expansion, and on-demand services that are remotely deployed
  • Operational excellence and simplicity is achieved with the Cisco Router IOS Software image and other innovations that offer a rapid return on investment
  • Routers to look at: Cisco 800, Cisco 1900, Cisco 2900 and Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services.

Cisco WAN Routers

Cisco WAN routers maximize performance and security across the WANs, no matter how extensive the network. Branch networks and data centers are united seamlessly, giving end-users fast, reliable access to data and applications.

Key benefits and capabilities:

  • Cisco’s Quantum Flow network processor offers industry-leading performance and resiliency, enabling services to operate at maximum speeds without the need for additional hardware – wire speeds from 2.5 Gbps to 40 Gbps
  • Flexible OS designed to provide modular packaging and feature velocity
  • Software redundancy on non-redundant hardware
  • Ideal for private WAN, Internet edge, and WAN aggregation

Data Center Interconnect Platforms

The Cisco 7600 Series is an enterprise-class edge router designed to improve operational efficiency and maximize ROI. Features include high-performance IP/MPLS, scalable personalized IP services, integrated, high-density Ethernet switching.Cisco WAN Routers-Key benefits and capabilities

Key Benefits and Capabilities:

  1. Up to 720 Gbps in a single chassis, or 40 Gbps capacity per slot
  2. A suite of shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs), controlling voice, video, and data
  3. Integrated Video Call Admission Control for both broadcast and on-demand video (VoD)
  4. Cisco’s “Intelligent Services Gateway” which offers multidimensional identity capabilities and policy controls

Cisco offers a wide variety of other systems, including connected grid routers, small business routers, mobile internet routers, and Internet edge routers, among others.

Beyond simply the hardware, Cisco supports its routers with a range of solutions that enable IT administrators to:

  • Maintain visibility of application performance while also identifying opportunities to conserve bandwidth
  • Cut back on energy usage to reduce costs and comply with federal requirements
  • Integrate intelligent networked video solutions

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