Mi 10 Ultra Comparative Evaluation: There Are Advances And Retreats

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Finally, the long-rumored Mi 10 Super Cup-Mi 10 Ultra was officially released on the evening of August 11, 2020.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra brought this time on the hardware stack, indeed, as Lei Jun said, it integrates all the ultimate technological experience in one. Although some black technologies make Mi Fans excited, let’s calm down and analyze it again. How much improvement is the Mi 10 Ultra compared to the Mi 10 Pro?

Let me talk about the advantages of Mi 10 Ultra.

Advantage 1: 120W wired charging, 50W wireless charging, and 10W reverse charging are the biggest highlights!

With 23 minutes of wired charging and 40 minutes of wireless charging, it is already the fastest mobile phone in the entire network, and there is no one. The Mi 10 Ultra seems to be announcing that this will be the era of wireless faster than wired!

Advantage 2: 120hz refresh rate, 240hz sampling rate, 10bit primary color screen 1.07 billion color rendering.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will abandon the use of Samsung AMOLED screens and uniformly adopt domestic TCL Huaxing high-end AMOLED screens. Although we have always reserved the performance quality of domestic screens, this time, from the perspective of parameters, it will be the top domestic AMOLED screen performance! The actual experience should surpass the Samsung AMOLED screen. At the same time, the addition of 120hz makes the identity of the Mi 10 Ultra more secure, and the addition of 240hz adoption rate also allows the 120hz refresh rate to play the most extreme experience.

Advantage 3: 48 million main camera, 120x digital zoom, dual OIS anti-shake, dual native ISO, dual 8K video shooting.

It seems that the release of the Mi 10 Ultra announced that the 100 million pixel orientation of the Mi 10 series is wrong. Of course, no matter how many pixels it is, as long as it is optimized, it is just like Apple’s 12 million pixels have been used for several years. Supported products! This time, the 48MP 1.32 ultra-outsole of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is the main camera of 48MP, which is second only to the 1.33 of the Huawei p40pro+, but Xiaomi still relied on its strength to get back to the top of the DXO ranking list with 130 points, and the Huawei p40pro+ times It. The dual 8K photography also benefits from the use of a 48MP telephoto lens, which means that the Mi 10 Ultra is a dual 48MP specification. Mr. Lei is indeed the ultimate this time!

Advantage 4: UFS3.1 is added to make the ultimate even more extreme!

After actual measurement, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra upgraded with UFS3.1 has a running score of more than 630,000 points. In terms of running points, it is indeed the king of the machine. In terms of configuration, it is also worthy of its price.

Disadvantage 1: 9.45mm thickness, 221g weight, really too heavy!

Xiaomi users are looking forward to the release of Mi 10 Ultra, thinking that Mi 10 Ultra should be excellent in thickness and weight, but the result was disappointed. The thickness of 9.45mm and the weight of 221g are really too heavy and not in line with people’s expectations.

Disadvantage 2: The ceramic back cover has a strong plastic feel, which is not as good as the 10/10 Pro AG glass process.

This is a real experience shared by some digital bloggers who share the actual experience, and some netizens support this statement.

Written at the end:

Xiaomi has piled up all the latest technologies in the Mi 10 Ultra, but due to the slow or bottleneck of technological development, the thickness problem cannot be solved well. This indirectly reflects the development of most mobile phones in the past year or even next year. It will be limited by the technical solutions of the accessory supply chain, and the improvement of the whole mobile phone will not change much. Just like the Intel processor, it will enter a stage of squeezing toothpaste. But I believe that one day we will use ultra-thin flagship mobile phones, and we will never have to worry about insufficient battery power!

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