Realme X50 5G Evaluation: Don’t Wait Any Longer, Grab 5G First

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In fact, I always agree with Realme‘s slogan “Dare to leapfrog”. When other manufacturers have to see the 64 million ultra-high-pixel camera at more than 2,000 RMB, the 1,000 RMB machine Realme X2 has a 64 million high-pixel camera and the effect is not bad; when other manufacturers only have a high refresh rate screen at 3,000 RMB, 90Hz Realme X2 Pro only needs more than 2,000 RMB. 2020 is a key year for 5G, and Realme will definitely have to leapfrog. In the past few times, Realme‘s leapfrog performance has been good. The Realme X50 5G as Realme‘s first mobile phone facing the 5G era, will it perform as usual?

Appearance: Heritage on the back and lead on the front

On the X50, the shadow of the Realme phone can be seen more or less. The wormhole light pattern and 3D effect on the back cover of the Realme X2 are also available on the X50, but it is more restrained. The name is also from the cool “Silver Wing White” “Converged into a low-key” glacier. ” It may also be that the colorful colors on the previous generation X2 are easier to make on the plastic back cover. The nano-texture used by X50 and the optical plating technology will be more complicated.

Of course, the rear four cameras have similarities with the X2. The same golden ring and the same arrangement and combination are also the 64 million main camera. If this is to ordinary people, it will be considered to be exactly the same. Actually, otherwise, the external looks the same, but the actual internal imaging effect is very different, otherwise the 4 month upgrade will be useless.

At a glance at the back of the X50, I think it is not much different from the X2, but if you compare the front of the two, it is very easy to distinguish. There is a more advanced, usually in the sense that the digging hole screen will be more advanced than the water drop screen, the one with the digging hole screen is X50. In 2020, in addition to the popularity of 5G in the mobile phone industry, the other is the hole screen. The X50’s digging hole is on the left side of the screen, which is neither too small nor too big. Hidden in the hole is 16 million main cameras and 8 million ultra-wide angles. The specific effect can be seen in the front sample.

On the front, the X50 is equipped with a 6.57-inch full screen. What you can see is the size of the screen, but you ca n’t see it but you can touch it with a 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate. Due to the LCD screen, the four-sided border is wider than the AMOLED mobile phone. After several generations of development, there is no light leakage phenomenon near the X50’s hole. But when using the face to unlock, there will be a reminder light strip around the digging hole, which adds a bit of aura to the mobile phone.

Regarding the true self X50, another thing to mention is the side power fingerprint two-in-one button. Due to the use of LCD and the thick screen module, the fingerprint under the screen cannot be integrated, and the side fingerprint is compromised. Still because of LCD, plus 5G, the overall opportunity is a bit thick and heavy. However, in the era of 4G and 5G alternating, most 5G mobile phones will be thicker.

5G and performance: civilian prices bring good performance

As a Realme of 5G popularization, in 2020, when the 5G flagship platform Snapdragon 865 has not yet been shipped on a large scale and the price remains high, Meiji chose the mid-to-high-end flagship platform 765G, which can be listed on a large scale and can be seized 5G‘s first move. Only when there is an opportunity, can we succeed in popularizing people.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G platform, 7nm EUV low-power process, built-in Kryo 475 CPU up to 2.4GHz; GPU is Adreno 620 that is 20% higher than the previous generation; and AI performance up to 5.5 TOPS. The baseband of 5G is the Snapdragon X52 5G modem and radio frequency system, which supports the SA / NSA dual module network, with a maximum peak downlink rate of 3.7Gbps.

The Realme X50 supports the 5G networks of China ’s three major operators in the frequency band, including n1 / n41 / n78 / n79 and other mainstream 5G frequency bands. It truly achieves uncompromising 5G networks. In fact, use Speedtest to test the speed of 5G network. If there is no 5G package and only the 5G network is connected, the speed of the downlink can reach 286Mbps, while the 4G network has only 39.3 Mbps. The gap is obvious.

Realme UI under 120Hz screen: rhythm under young UI

In fact, Realme X2 Pro brought on October 15, 2019, 90Hz is synonymous with it. Nowadays, 120Hz appears on the real self X50, which is officially referred to as the “smooth screen”. No matter what it is called, in the end it still needs to return to the user. It is really good if the user says it well.

As soon as I got started, I found that this screen is different from the ordinary 60Hz. It is really tangible, just like the feeling at the moment when the 120-frame movie “Gemini Killer” started at the beginning, it is very obvious Sense of smoothness. Make another metaphor that is not particularly appropriate, just like the feeling of 60FPS high frame rate and 30FPS normal frame rate in the glory of the king, there are more obvious differences.

The Realme UI, which was born out of OPPO ColorOS, adopts a more youthful high-saturation eye color in design, saying goodbye to the traditional black and white and gray worlds in the post-70s and post-80s worlds. In terms of icons, Realme UI gives different artistic icon styles, adopting newly drawn and customized styles by designers to meet the preferences of young people. Diversified choices are also given on the wallpaper of the system. From the official choice of wallpapers, you can also see the Realme‘s thinking about their users, young and trendy.

Photographing: Multi-camera multi-play

For taking pictures, mobile phone manufacturers leave users with more than just a piece of paper parameters, only remember that this is XX camera, XX megapixels and so on. It is to allow users to share and share with social networks after shooting, at least not to be deleted the next second after shooting. The Realme X50‘s keywords for taking pictures are “four shots”, “64 million pixels” and “front double shots”.

In terms of camera capabilities, Realme X50 5G covers a wide range of shooting modes: wide-angle, ultra-wide angle, telephoto, macro, front wide-angle and front ultra-wide angle. In addition, there are 64 million ultra-clear, night scene, tripod night scene, professional RAW Various options such as X50 greatly increase the playability of X50.

64 million pixel mode (with compression):

The X50 also has a multi-zoom mode that is very popular on mobile phones, from 2x optical zoom to 20x digital zoom, using SAT smooth zoom technology. When actually sliding the zoom, there is still a slight sense of frustration when switching between different cameras. After all, the mobile phone is not a professional camera, and it is almost impossible to achieve a complete smooth zoom.

Summary: Dont wait any longer

As a whole, in 2020, the key period of communication iteration, Realme, as a young fashion brand returning to the Chinese market in 2019, its first 5G mobile phone performed well on all negative sides. The performance is appropriate, 5G is leading, the camera is good, and the screen is excellent. Although 5G and thin and light are difficult to coexist, but they have achieved real leapfrogging in price, and they really live up to the slogan “Dare to leapfrogging”. If you want to experience 5G and 120Hz smooth screen first, don’t wait any longer.

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