OPPO Find X2 Pro: The Real Top Flagship!

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In terms of parameters, this year’s OPPO Find X2 Pro is worthy of being a top flagship mobile phone, worthy of the whole mobile phone industry and the brand of find. Last year, the lifting design of OPPO Find X’s real full screen made people enjoy it and opened the whole era of real full screen. Maybe last year’s OPPO Find X was too amazing, which led many friends to see this year’s OPPO Find X2 After Pro, I didn’t think there was a big breakthrough. I thought so at the beginning, but after a period of experience, I found that OPPO Find X2 Pro did have a lot of breakthroughs that my friends didn’t know. It’s just that you don’t realize it if you don’t use it yourself.

65W supervooc super flash charge

First of all, the machine OPPO Find X2 Pro makes me feel the most Profound is the 65W supervooc super flash charge. To be honest, I didn’t use the ace last year, so this year’s OPPO Find X2 Pro, the 65W charging speed, didn’t realize it until this year’s OPPO Find X2 Pro was used. It’s no exaggeration to say that the 65W super flash charging has changed my understanding of charging and my charging habits. In my previous cognition, charging takes a whole day to complete, but the 65W super flash charging is different. The imProvement of charging speed brings about qualitative change. I don’t need to wait for a few hours for the mobile phone to be full. One 10 minutes I plugged him into the charger and picked it up 80%. Since I started to use OPPO Find X2 Pro, I didn’t think about making a point for him. My cell phone is running out of power, and it will be full after a while.The imProvement of charging speed has also indirectly affected other aspects of the experience of this mobile phone. From the perspective of configuration, OPPO Find X2 Pro is just one wireless charging away from the perfect flagship, which I feel very sorry for. In addition, the fast charging speed is not afraid to turn on the 120Hz high refresh rate and 3K high-resolution power consumption at the same time. There is no need to comPromise the use experience for the endurance.

Super display

The screen is another impressive part of OPPO Find X2 Pro. The 120Hz+3k resolution + color calibration +O1 super sense image quality engine makes the use experience of this screen quite good. Screen is a kind of thing that you can’t really feel when you only look at the video and pictures. You have to touch the real machine and use it by yourself to realize that when you use the 120Hz refresh rate screen for the first time, it’s really shocking. The high refresh rate makes the whole system smooth, and the experience of Android system is greatly imProved. As long as people give you a better and more efficient way to use Products, you will unconsciously speed up the operation speed and push the hardware and software to the limit, but the feeling of OPPO Find X2 Pro is that I can’t touch its limit.

Extreme black Technology

O1 super sensitive image quality engine is an independent display optimization chip of OPPO for this top-level screen, which has two main enhancements. First, OPPO Find X2 Pro first introduced the hardware level sor to HDR function. When it is turned on, the system will automatically convert the SOR video to the similar HDR effect. The dark part is more detailed and the bright part is more bright. The MEMC dynamic frame inserting technology can insert the low frame video to 60 to 120 frames. Even when you watch the ordinary 24 frame movie, you can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience through the frame inserting technology.

System details

The system animation is also full of details. The sliding up and unlocking is that the desktop icon does not appear together, but is swiped from below. The vibration of the X-axis linear motor is also particularly cool. He and all the linear motor vibration effects I used before Not the same, the vibration effect of OPPO Find X2 Pro is very crisp, making it very comfortable.

Lens module

Finally, let ’s talk about taking pictures. In fact, I do n’t have a special need for taking pictures. I usually take less photos. Therefore, OPPO Find X2 Pro does not have a particularly big feeling. However, this year ’s three uncountable lenses are OPPO Find X2 Pro. A huge advantage, he told consumers and other manufacturers that mobile phones do not need so many lenses, and three good enough is enough. Custom IMX689 48 million 1 / 1.43 super large bottom main camera lens + IMX586 48 million super wide-angle lens + 13 million periscope telephoto lens, every moment is a solid top lens, when I first started taking pictures with OPPO Find X2 Pro, The most obvious perception is that the focusing speed is quite fast. I used to have a habit when using other phones. I like to tap the screen to make him focus. However, after using OPPO Find X2 Pro, I found that this step is not needed at all. This is because this phone supports full-pixel focusing technology. Whether it is day or night, focusing speed and accuracy have been qualitatively improved.

Super night view

In addition, the wide-angle main camera supports hardware-level twin ISO technology, which can intelligently switch the sensitivity for dark scenes and bright environments. What impressed me the most was this ultra-wide-angle lens. I used the flagship camera sensor IMX586 of last year to do the ultra-wide-angle lens. The quality of this lens will rise. In addition, the night view of OPPO Find X2 Pro is also very good, the details of the dark parts are in place, and the highlights will not be overexposed. The most important thing is that the imaging effect is biased towards the real scene seen by the human eye.

Write at the end

To sum up, the OPPO Find X2 Pro that I experienced during this time can undoubtedly be compared with the Samsung S20 + and Huawei P40 Pro +. The top machine emperor, whether it is performance, screen, camera, or charging are at the same level or higher Polishing details and texture, almost no opponent in Android phones, the above is my personal opinion.

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