OPPO Ace2: Secret Weapon Of Super Player

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The successor of the popular OPPO Reno Ace, OPPO Ace2, finally met you on April 13, 2020. The OPFPO Ace series has given the impression of powerful game performance from the beginning, and now OPPO Ace2 is the OPPO Ace series The latest products are attracting much attention.

The trend has always been the brand tonality of OPPO Ace series, and OPPO Ace2 has brought this trend style to the extreme. From the appearance design, texture and even packaging, it is more fashionable and pure, showing a more simple but not simple aesthetic feeling, with a bright external experience for new users.

First of all, look at the packaging of the mobile phone. OPPO Ace2 uses the OPPO‘s iconic white outer box. The overall design is very simple and bright. The surface of the shell has been specially treated, which has a certain sense of texture. There is a fashionable and colorful OPPO Ace2 logo on it.

The structure of the inner box is not very different from the previous OPPO model. The accessories are complete, soft silica gel cover, vooc flash power supply and data cable + headset are hidden under the real machine, and the support layer of the mobile phone is very solid, which can provide reliable protection for the mobile phone during transportation.

In last year’s OPPO Reno Ace, we saw the industry’s first use of super vooc 2.0 super flash charging technology with a power of 65W. As the first product of ACE series after independence, OPPO Ace2 with performance flagship positioning naturally carries the fastest wired flash charging at present – 65W supervooc2.0 super flash charging, which can fill one OPPO Ace2 in 35 minutes. This time, OPPO Ace2 also carries the fastest Wireless Flash charging at present – 40W airvooc Wireless Flash charging, which can fill one OPPO Ace2 in 56 minutes.

It’s a real machine of OPPO Ace2, of course.

OPPO Ace2 has a 6.55-inch OLED flexible screen with a refresh rate of 90hz, and the touch sampling rate is 180hz. The maximum local peak brightness of the screen is 1100nit, and the dynamic contrast is 5000000:1. It has also passed the hdr10 + certification and the German Rhine t Ü V global eye protection certification. Thanks to the front camera micro opening and high screen proportion design, the visual effect is quite excellent~

It is worth mentioning that OPPO Ace2 adopts cop packaging technology, which can effectively “reduce weight” of screen components properly, so the weight of the whole machine is 12g lighter than that of the previous generation, and the weight is only 185g, which really enables you to put on the line with light load~

The bottom of OPPO Ace2 is equipped with a USB type-C data interface, with speakers and SIM card sockets on both sides. The bottom speaker and the earpiece form a stereo dual speaker, so you don’t need to worry about covering the speaker when you play the game. There are also Dolby panoramic sound technology, when eating chicken to listen to the sound to identify more accurate three-dimensional.

The simplicity of fashion design is reflected in every part of the OPPO Ace2 fuselage. The gap between metal and glass is very small. The minimalist design with different materials integrated gives people such a sense of harmony in design. Even the middle frame part with the smallest space for designers to play, it also reflects the superb workmanship of OPPO at the flagship level. We must praise it!

On the back, both sides of OPPO Ace2adopt the glass back cover design with curved radian, which can better fit with the palm and bring excellent grip feel. As for the appearance of the back camera, once the style of the previous generation of vertical four shot is changed, OPPO Ace2 chooses the round appearance design, which has four cameras in total, slightly protruding compared with the screen, with meticulous workmanship and in line with the public aesthetic.

In terms of performance, OPPO Ace2, as a high-performance 5G phone mainly for super players, naturally carries Qualcomm snapdragon 865, the flagship processor in 2020. Compared with snapdragon 855 plus, the CPU and Adreno 650 GPU of snapdragon 865 have 25% improvement in performance, 25% improvement in graphics rendering speed and 30% reduction in energy consumption. In addition to snapdragon 865, OPPO Ace2 is also equipped with the latest 12gb lpddr5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash memory, which is also a solid foundation for Ace2 to achieve game stability of 90fps.

In terms of photographing, OPPO Ace2 is equipped with a luxury four shot combination of 48 million pixel main shot + 8 million pixel super wide angle + portrait lens + light leakage lens. The image sensor used in OPPO Ace2‘s main shot is a long-standing IMX 58648 million physical pixels, an F / 1.7 large aperture, and a large sensor size, which is enough to create excellent imaging performance in various scenes.

Another highlight worth mentioning is that OPPO Ace2 adopts z-axis vibration motor, and optimizes scene recognition for shooting and racing games. It can realize diversified adaptation of vibration waveform with game screen content, and provide diversified vibration sense. Page 4D vibration sense 2.0 is further optimized on OPPO ACE 2. Among the peace elites, OPPO Ace2 can trigger vibration through sound, image and touch recognition, and match different vibration senses according to different gun types, so as to bring you the sensory experience of audio-visual contact in all directions.


Looking at OPPO Ace2‘s fuselage, we see both inheritance and innovation. On the one hand, familiar design elements make the game performance flagship that super players all love easier to be accepted by consumers, completely without the “alternative” feeling brought by the past new design. On the other hand, the higher screen share is lighter in weight and smoother in game experience, which makes this ace series flagship machine have enough attention Degree of vision.

All kinds of details reflect OPPO‘s dedication and intention to the strong performance and extreme experience of the game. In a word, OPPO Ace2 is a secret weapon of hand game super players, which has requirements for both appearance and performance, and you can buy it if you love the game!

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