Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra test: How Fast Is 120W Charging?

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Xiaomi has been controversial since its inception, although its cost-effective features for it to circle countless fans, but this also affects its brand tone, so Xiaomi wants to hit the high-end market is very difficult. This year, as the tenth anniversary of its founding, Xiaomi has made up its mind to hit the high-end flagship market.

In fact, Mi fans have been looking forward to Xiaomi phones to really hit the high-end, once the pursuit of cost-effective Mi fans, now most of them have started a family, they have the economic strength to pursue Xiaomi’s higher level of mobile phones, so for Xiaomi to hit the high-end market products, Mi fans have been looking forward to a long time. The first half of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series performance is really good, and recently a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is because of 120W fast charging and 120 times zoom to attract a lot of attention, so this phone real performance is how it is, the next I will take a look together.

The 120W is true to its name. The fast charge is really fast.

A phone without electricity, then it is almost a piece of scrap metal, so how to improve the phone’s life is the smartphone since the advent of the problem has been exploring. Because the larger the battery capacity will also lead to a thicker and heavier phone, so fast charging has become a means to increase the phone’s life in disguise, and 120W fast charging is currently the fastest charging speed.

In fact, the Mi 10 Ultra‘s battery isn’t small at 4500mAh, so how powerful is 120W of fast charging? Only after actual testing can we feel the concrete amazing effect, first watch the video draining the power of the Mi 10 Ultra, and then officially start charging.

After testing, 5 minutes of time 4500mAh large battery Mi 10 Ultra has been charged to 36%, full to 100% took a total of 24 minutes, and because I need to see the time, so have been on the hibernation display, on such charging speed is very fast indeed, I use my own Mi 10 Pro, also 4500mAh battery, but its charging power is only 50W.

The Mi 10 Pro fully charged in about 45 minutes, compared to the two, the Mi 10 Ultra fully charged does save a lot of time, and the best thing is, the Mi 10 Ultra wireless charger are 50W, and I have the same speed as the Mi 10 Pro line charge in my hand, the measured Mi 10 Ultra wireless charger full time is also about 45 minutes.

Performance? You could say there’s no pressure.

Those who like Xiaomi phones are often described as enthusiasts, as this group of people value the phone’s value for money and performance, and as a high-priced Xiaomi flagship priced at $800, it’s a complete no-brainer that it’s already at the top of its game when it comes to performance.

With an overclocked Snapdragon 865 processor with LPDDR5 and UFS3.1, it’s hard for mobile games on the market today to challenge a phone with this kind of performance, so the Mi 10 Ultra should be stress-free in terms of performance testing, and that’s the case.

120x zoom! Not much of a practical scenario.

Before you know it, the entire mobile phone industry has entered the zoom race, with major phone makers taking over to launch phones that support high zoom, and users who own the Mi 10 Ultra can proudly say that their phone supports 120x zoom, the highest zoom magnification available, and can completely use their phone as a telescope.

In fact all high zoom phones maximum zoom is digital zoom, meaning the picture is not very clear, as the zoom multiplier increases, the picture will become more and more blurred, there are actually not many practical scenarios, perhaps for users with good eyesight, this zoom is just a distant picture that they can see clearly closer, but for nearsighted people, I think this zoom will be very useful.

Transparent silvery ceramic, each with its own look

I’m sure Xiaomi put a lot of thought into the look of this 10th anniversary flagship when they made it, and finally thought about it before deciding to go with what was once the classic design of the successive generations of Xiaomi’s digital series, transparent, shiny and ceramic, neither of which is easy to manufacture, but as Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary flagship, it deserves it.

Whichever particular look you prefer, you can choose the corresponding version, but the most discussed about the appearance of the Mi 10 is not the material of its body, but its camera. There are mixed opinions on the appearance of the camera placement for this Mi 10 Ultra, with some finding it strange and a bit like a can, while others feel that the design is unlike any other camera matrix on the market, and that it looks not only not ugly, but has a premium feel to it.

Whether it looks good or not is inherently up to each person’s subjective consciousness, but after the release of this phone, it didn’t leave a cheap impression on many people, which actually means that the Mi 10 Ultra’s appearance has done its job.

All of the above mentioned are the most interesting aspects of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, but of course there are other highlights of this phone, corresponding to its price, and all in all, its performance is not disappointing. In the ten years since Xiaomi was founded, high cost performance is its core and what attracts countless Mi fans, but at the same time, Mi fans have been longing for Xiaomi to be free from the constraints of cost performance and launch a true top flagship of the industry for ten years. Recalling the XiaoMi 10 Ultra conference, 120 times zoom, 120W fast charging, DxO ranked first information announced when the full screen pop-up excited mood, XiaoMi 10 Ultra does live up to the expectations of the rice fans this decade.

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