Vivo S6 5G Phone Camera Experience: Powerful Four-Camera Combination Is Not Bad

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As the leading young group, the Vivo S series has always been deeply loved by consumers, especially its fashion trend design and color matching, coupled with the performance of the background and the extremely cost-effective price are the first choice of many young people and student groups . This time the latest Vivo S6 is once again breaking through the positioning in all aspects of the configuration, not only equipped with the dual-mode Exynos 980 5G SoC chip jointly developed by Vivo and Samsung, and the new generation of Cortex A77 CPU architecture of ARM. The previous Cortex A76 architecture was improved by 20% to ensure rapid processing of large-capacity data.

In addition, the Exynos 980 5G chip has built-in high-performance NPU and DSP units, which can achieve 5 trillion operations in one second, greatly improving AI capabilities and achieving flagship computing speed. At the same time, it also has a built-in high-performance ISP, which can handle up to 108 million Pixel images, so this also makes this Vivo S6 great progress in terms of camera function.

Let’s take a look at the configuration of the Vivo S6 in terms of camera functions! First, the Vivo S6 is a non-flagship product, but it has been equipped with a four-camera lens module, which is quite luxurious. Secondly, the Vivo S6 uses the popular round camera module with four rear cameras, including a 48-megapixel main camera lens, an 8-megapixel 112 ° anti-distortion ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel Blurred camera, convenient to record and share life anytime, anywhere.

Although the Vivo S6 does not have a built-in telephoto lens module, it still supports digital zoom when shooting. Although the digital zoom has decreased in photo resolution, the Vivo S6 has a 48 million high-pixel sensor combined with the built-in camera during digital zoom. The adjustment has better optimization, so the picture quality is still clear and natural. At the same time, it is also worth mentioning that the Vivo S6‘s main camera sensor has an area of 1/2 inch and an aperture of F1.79. The sensor size has advantages over other equally positioned mobile phones. A larger aperture can also ensure that there are more The amount of light entering can get more delicate picture details.

Vivo S6 Phone real shot samples, main photo

100% enlarged cut

The main camera of the Vivo S6 is a 48-megapixel lens. In the default mode, a 12-megapixel photo is generated by 4 in 1 pixels. This lens also supports a 48-megapixel photo directly from the hardware. If you have high requirements for details, you can Turn on 48 megapixel mode to get more detailed photos. Judging from the real shot samples, Vivo S6 has a very outstanding advantage in resolution and like to restore, in addition, the color is also very oily and natural.

2X zoom real shot sample, still has a very good picture quality performance and strong practicability

In terms of the switching method of different lenses, Vivo S6 maintains the consistent characteristics of Vivo mobile phones. Click on the “lens” in the lower right corner to arbitrarily switch between the three camera modes of super wide-angle, blur, and super macro. The angle of view or close-up details can be easily switched

Vivo S6 Phone real shot samples, ultra-wide angle

Vivo S6 Phone real shot samples, ultra-wide angle

The same scene and angle, main camera and super wide-angle picture angle comparison

Vivo S6‘s ultra-wide-angle lens is very suitable for shooting large scenes such as scenery and architecture when traveling, and can show a more shocking visual picture. At the same time, although the ultra-wide angle of Vivo S6 has a wide viewing angle of 112 °, there is no obvious distortion from the actual photos taken, and the edge area of distortion is also very natural. The optimization of this type of lens is quite in place.

Vivo S6 Phone real shot samples, macro

Vivo S6 Phone real shot samples, macro

What surprises me is the macro capability of Vivo S6. It supports the latest 4cm macro shooting. It can shoot close-up and large magnification. We usually do not pay too much attention to details, such as the pistil and leaf veins in the picture Show the micro world beyond the human eye. In addition, even when the mobile phone is about to be attached to the subject when shooting macro, it can still focus quickly and accurately, and the image quality is very clear and sharp.

Vivo S6 Phone real shot samples, blurred

Vivo S6 Phone real shot samples, blurred

When shooting some close-up pictures, especially portraits, the depth-of-field lens of the Vivo S6 is also very practical. After the lens is activated, the phone can detect the depth information of the object, achieving a very soft background blur effect, which can more prominently shoot the person or the main body of the object.

Regardless of configuration or performance, Vivo S6 has very obvious advantages in the same level of mobile phones, and the camera function is far beyond the previous photography experience. The four-camera combination can be included from a wide angle of view to the microscopic world. Qualitative performance also allows us to freely save and share every detail of life. At the same time, with the AI scene recognition of Vivo S6, under different shooting environments, from the color of the screen to the contrast of light and dark, the mobile phone will give the best shooting solution, so that novice photographers can easily take satisfactory photos.

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