Show environment Command

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To display temperature, voltage, fan, and power supply information, use the show environment command in user EXEC or privileged EXEC mode.

The following outputs are from Cisco 7206VXR.

To display all available syntax, use the show environment? (As shown in the below output from Cisco 7206VXR). This will provide you with all the available syntax on that particular platform. The syntax may vary slightly depending on the platform you use.

show environment01

In the following example, the typical show environment display is shown when no warning conditions are in the system for the Cisco 7206VXR router. This shows the the current condition is within specs or normal.

show environment02

In the following example, the show environment all displays a detailed listing of all environmental monitor parameters (for example, the power supplies, temperature readings, voltage readings).

show environment03

In the following example, the show environment last displays information on the last measurement made.

show environment04

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