How to Add PoE Power Supply for Cisco 890 Series Router?

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Although the cost-effective and popular Cisco 800 Series has been announced End-of-Life and End-of-Sale a few years ago, Cisco has never stopped updating the related services and information about the Cisco 800 Series ISR. Some users also have some typical problems while updating, or using the Cisco 800 routers. Here, in this article, we would like to share a common problem that a Cisco 891 user who named kasper123 shared. It’s about the Power supply for PoE for Cisco 891FW. What’s that? Let’s check.

The problem Kasper had is “Can someone tell the part number for a PoE power supply for the router Cisco 891FW. The router I’m trying to power has only one power connector (the rectangular one with 4 pins) so I guess I need the 125 watt power supply??” Note that it doesn’t look like the regular 891 power supplies but it looks like a plastic rectangle with 4 pins.

What’s the Cisco experts’ thought and solution about this? Let’s see.

Can the PoE be upgraded after ordering? Yes, you can upgrade the PoE on all models except the C892FSP-K9, which does not support PoE at all. For all Cisco 890 Routers, the product ID (PID) for the PoE upgrade is 800-IL-PM-4=. This PID comes with two power supply options: 80 or 125 watts. The older CISCO890 requires the 80-watt option, whereas the newer C890 requires the 125-watt option.

Why do some routers use 80 watts and others 125 watts for PoE? The 80-watt power supply is used in addition to the standard 60-watt power supply, so you will have two power supplies connected to the router. For the newer routers we combined these two power supplies into the one 125-watt power supply (hence we have a 4-pin connector). Both models support the base router as well as 4 ports with standard PoE.

And if you buy the router and you’ve also purchased the PoE daughter card, the router will come with the PoE daughter card pre-installed.  You’ll also get the 125-watt power supply. However, if you didn’t get the PoE daughter card, the router will be delivered with a smaller 80-watt power supply. Now, let’s say you ordered a PoE daughter card.  When you do this, you’ll be given the option to get the 125-watt power supply. You now swap out the 80-watt power supply with a 125-watt power supply.

And now look at the router-Cisco 891FW


How do we know whether the daughter card has been installed in it or not?

Take it simple: Post the output to the command “sh inventory raw”.  See if the PoE daughter card is found in the list.  If not, your other option is to remove the lid and peer inside.

Kasper’s:“The No power supply is available for the router so it can’t be powered on to issue the command.So what if a 125W power supply is connected and there is no daughter card installed? Will the router work with the 125W power supply and no PoE daughter card?”  

Well, all our routers were pre-ordered with PoE daughter card. If we were to hazard a guess, the answer is yes.  The router will operate with the 125w PS.


What did someone else said about this problem?

Bascheew: “I just had to go through this as well and posted photos (with SKUs) of the parts (Details in the More Tips Shared with an Example) for those that want to know exactly what is needed.  Here is the parts list:

800-IL-PM-4= – PoE Daughter-card
PWR-125W-AC – 125W power supply
50-1807-02-A0 – standoffs with two notches
50-1700-01-A0 – standoff with one notch
48-0421-01-A0 – 3 screws

More Tips Shared with an Example

How to Add PoE to a Cisco 890 Series Router–(C891FW-A-K9)? Shared by Brian Scheewe

In order to add PoE to an 891 router, the datasheet says you need “800-IL-PM-4 with 125W PSU.”  I had to use the Cisco Commerce Workspace to generate a config starting with the 800-IL-PM-4= part number and then added the 125W power supply there.  The following is what was shipped:

The 800-IL-PM-4= part is a daughter-card that is installed onto the motherboard of the 891 router.


The 125W power supply had the Cisco part number of PWR-125W-AC.  The power supply is a LiteOn unit, model PA-2121-1-LF or 341-0502-01 (both were listed) putting out 12V, 3.5A of DC power.


Lastly, there were three baggies with hardware.

50-1807-02-A0 – 2 standoffs with two notches
50-1700-01-A0 – standoff with one notch
48-0421-01-A0 – 3 screws

So, what’s your experience about this? Or you have some good ideas about this problem …share with us…

Also you can see here to share your thought.

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