How Much You Know about Cisco Aironet Access Point?

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  • Are you facing the problem that how to build your wireless network?
  • Are you still hesitating to select which wireless products?

If you have not enough confidence to choose the very right wireless products to set up your wireless network, you can read the following general tips related to the Wireless AP. These tips may help you know the wireless AP well.

1. The Part Number of Cisco Wireless AP Stand for?img_02

Such as: AIR-SAP1602I-C-K9, “I” means “Internal antennas”, “SAP” means Standalone AP.

AIR-CAP1602E-C-K9, “E” means “External antennas”, need to buy antennas additionally. “CAP” means “Ctrlr-based AP”, need to configure with Wireless Controller together.

So does the Cisco 2602, 3502, 3602 series AP.

FYI: More information about Cisco Wireless AP and Cisco WLAN Controller.

2. Cisco AP Antennas Configuration Standard:

Cisco AP 1602E, 2602E, 3602E series, need to configure with Dual Band antennas. But for 3502E and 1262N, they need to configure with 2.4 and 5.0 antennas.

For Example:img_03

  1. Each 1602E configure with 3* AIR-ANT2524DB-R
  2. Each 2602E or 3602E configure with 4*AIR-ANT2524DB-R
  3. Each 3502E or 1262N configure with 3* AIR-ANT2422DB-R and 3* AIR-ANT5135DB-R

FYI: More Detailed Guide of Cisco Aironet 802.11n Access Points Antennas Configuration

3. Power Solution of Cisco APs:

A: All the APs, do not include the power supply default, need to purchase it separately. And you can choose the power supply or power injector for connection.img_04


B: You also can choose the POE switch for connection, then add router, form a wireless network.


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