The New Cisco Business Edition 6000S

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Cisco updated its Business Edition 6000 Solutions, the BE6000S (Cisco Business Edition 6000S) is the new one. It provides a simple, affordable way to put powerful communications in reach of everyone in your company. This complete, all-in-one solution lets your employees work together using the industry’s best communications tools, all from a single, integrated platform. It makes it easy for them to reach the people and resources they need from any location, using the devices they prefer. Designed specifically for smaller, entry-level communications requirements, Cisco BE6000S simplifies operations with one centrally managed platform that is fast and easy to install, deploy, manage, and use. So there’s less to manage, less space and power usage, and less cost.

Why Cisco Business Edition 6000S? Toward a More Connected Workforce

We’re living in a world that’s more interconnected than ever before. Your collaboration may not be limited to your own company. More than ever, people are working across and beyond their own organizations–with customers, colleagues, and business partners.

But keeping employees connected with the people and resources they need to do their best work, on the devices they choose, can be challenging. Your phone system might be maxed out and unable to support more users. You might be running and managing multiple networks from different manufacturers. And you might not be ready to securely support mobile users who want to use their own devices at work. Additionally, you might be paying too much to maintain a system that isn’t able to keep pace with your employees’ and customers’ service expectations.

To be successful, you need an affordable communications solution that lets you start simple and grow as you go. One that lets you smoothly transition from your outdated technology into business-transforming experiences, without disrupting your employees and your business processes. And when your business needs change, your solution should make it easy to adapt and cost-effectively enable you to support new users, devices, and applications.

Cisco BE6000S-Key FeaturesBENEFITS-Cisco Business Edition 6000S

Cisco BE6000S is an all-in-one platform that provides essential communications capabilities including routing, gateway, voice, video, messaging, instant messaging and presence, conferencing, and paging services, enabling every user to connect and communicate from any device and location the way they prefer. The solution is easy to install and deploy, rapidly reducing the cost of ownership for companies with smaller IT staffs. It’s ideal for small environments that need basic, entry-level voice and IP telephony capabilities, together with powerful, easy-to-use collaboration tools.

Support for a rich variety of applications and endpoints: Cisco BE6000S is built on the industry-leading Cisco Unified Communications Manager – the core of Cisco Collaboration Architecture solutions. This centralized call-control platform brings together and delivers key communications services such as voice, video, messaging, instant messaging and presence, mobility, and conferencing across your business, so you can connect every user with the exact tools and resources they need to be effective in their jobs.

Simple management and deployment: Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning puts the “simple” in Cisco BE6000S. This centralized management tool makes it fast and easy for you to install, maintain, and manage the solution. Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning simplifies provisioning of users and services so you can get operational right away, while keeping costs in control. It eases routine management tasks such as moves, adds, and changes, freeing your IT team to focus on more important work.

Built to grow and evolve with your business: We’re living in a world of constant change, and Cisco BE6000S is designed to scale up as new business needs develop. It supports up to 150 users and 300 devices across multiple locations. We support further growth through seamless migration to our Business Edition 6000M and Business Edition 6000H models (BE6000M and BE6000H), which allow you to smoothly scale to 1000 users, 2500 devices, and 100 contact center agents when the time is right. Each BE6000 platform model is designed using a simple, single-server approach that fits businesses with limited IT resources and budgets. You can also add a second system for redundancy to help ensure business continuity and provide additional peace of mind.

Cisco BE6000S: Built for Small-Scale Collaboration Deployments

Cisco BE6000S-Built for Small-Scale Collaboration Deployments

Cisco BE6000S Use Cases

Cisco BE6000S Use Cases

Cisco BE6000-Specifications at a Glance

Specifications at a Glance-Cisco BE6000

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