Cisco-Brand Leader Awards Voted By IT Pros in 2016

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In the last year, IT Pros voted for Market, Price, Performance, Reliability, Service & Support, and Innovation leaders from a randomized field of provided vendors (or the opportunity to write in an answer choice). Cisco has been chosen as the award winner in market leadership, price leadership, performance, reliability, reliability, service & support, and/or innovation:

  1. SDN Platform (Cisco ACI)
  2. Unified Communications
  3. Best Fibre Channel Network Monitoring
  4. Network Performance Monitoring
  5. Ethernet Core Switches
  6. Ethernet Top of Rack Switches
  7. Servers for Software Defined Storage
  8. Integrated System
  9. Converged Network Adapters
  10. FCoE Switches
  11. Fibre Channel Switches
  12. Low Latency Ethernet Switches
  13. Fibre Channel Network Monitoring
  14. Network Performance Monitoring
  15. Virtual Router / Network Access Appliance
  16. All Flash Hyperconverged System
  17. On-Premise vs. Cloud Unified Communications
  18. Layer 4-7 NFV Services Platform
  19. SDN Enabled Switches
  20. Ethernet Network Monitoring

You can read the 2016 Brand Leader Survey Results by visiting:

Best of Interop Awards 2016

Applications | CollabNet TeamForge | 1004

Best Startup | AppFormix | 160H

Cloud/Virtualization | AppFormix | 160H

Data Center | Cisco Nexus Fabric Manager | 105

Mobility/Wireless | Cisco Flexible Radio Assignment | 105

Networking | Cisco Enterprise Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) | 105

Performance/Management/Monitoring | Pluribus VCF Insight Analytics (VCF-IA) | 1030

SDN | VMware NSX for vSphere 6.2 | 600 and 405

Security | Cisco NGFW | 105

Storage | Ambedded | 160G

Grand Award | AppFormix | 160H

More detailed info about the Best of Interop Awards 2016 you can read here:

In 2016, Cisco has formulated the most innovative Cisco data center strategy to provide an architecture that lets you Analyze, Simplify, Automate, and Protect your data and applications: the ASAP data center.

“…an architecture devised to modernize infrastructure, simplify operations, prepare for next-generation cloud applications, fully leverage hybrid cloud, and provide comprehensive visibility and security throughout the datacenter and across all application environments.”  Brad Casemore (Research director of Data Center Networks at IDC)

You can read more Cisco’s data center events in 2016:

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