Xiaomi 10 Pro Evaluation: Breaking Through The Shackles Of Cost Performance Is Not Too Expensive

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Simple but not simple high refresh high use curved screen

Xiaomi started with cost performance and created numerous classic models. Xiaomi, which has stabilized its market share, also tries to get rid of the cost-effective label, because it really limits the development of Xiaomi digital series, making Xiaomi feel inadequate in the top flagship models.

After the independent operation of redmi, Xiaomi finally seems to be able to shake off the shackles of cost performance and make a full impact on the flagship market. Of course, due to the inertia of product design, the Xiaomi mobile phone in 2019 did not show much breakthrough performance, and there are still some cost-effective elements in the product.

So what about the new millet 10 series in 2020? We think Xiaomi has handed in an excellent result for us. Xiaomi 10 Pro is the flagship model we are looking forward to. It even makes us feel the feeling of seeking defeat alone in Millet mix.

Xiaomi 10 Pro completely gets rid of Xiaomi’s previous label and creates a new upper limit of Xiaomi’s mobile phone. How Xiaomi created such a mobile phone? Let’s have a deep understanding of this mobile phone today.

Simple appearance but not simple high refresh high use curved screen

Appearance determines the first impression of a mobile phone. Whether a mobile phone is top-notch or not can be seen from its appearance. Xiaomi 10 Pro has that kind of beauty performance that can be seen at a glance as the top design.

First of all, Xiaomi 10 Pro is nothing more than a double curved surface design on the whole, but the overall design is quite balanced, and the visual experience is quite eye-catching, and this design also effectively reduces the visual thickness of this mobile phone, which doesn’t seem to have the actual thickness of 8.96mm at all. While a 5G dual-mode mobile phone can control the thickness within 9mm, it can also be equipped with a large capacity battery and a 100 million pixel lens. This thickness control can no longer require anything.

In the back design, the curved surface design of Xiaomi 10 Pro can effectively fit the palm. The Ag frosted appearance technology adopted on the surface has formed a very obvious frosted texture, which is very smooth to the touch and very delicate to the touch. This color matching version of starry sky blue in our hands has a soft luster on the back and an introverted aesthetic feeling. Among the popular “light pollution” mobile phones, it gives us some fresh feeling. The whole back part is covered with the fifth generation gorilla glass, the surface is more wear-resistant, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by accidents.

The screen design of Xiaomi 10 Pro uses the hole digging design, which is quite mature, and the hole diameter is significantly reduced, and the impact on the screen vision will show a geometric progression reduction. The design of curved screen reduces the visual width of side frame to the limit, which is also the advantage of curved screen design.

Xiaomi 10 Pro’s upper and lower borders are well controlled, especially the design of the lower border, which makes the design of the whole front panel very coordinated, and also improves the overall screen share performance. It is speculated that the packaging process of COF is adopted. The earpiece at the top is not designed in the top frame. The black frame part has more integrity, and the sound quality provided by the physical earpiece is also excellent.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi 10 Pro has speaker holes at the top and the bottom, which is because the machine is equipped with external speakers at both ends. Unlike other mobile phones, Xiaomi’s top speaker is not shared with the receiver, and its receiver and top speaker are independent of each other. The two special external loudspeakers are dual 1216 superlinear loudspeakers, which are equivalent to 1.2cc super large sound cavity. The maximum amplitude can reach 0.65mm, and the external loudness can be increased by 100%. Symmetrical speakers also make the effect of playing out more balanced. When playing out games or videos or music, the effect is real and three-dimensional.

Next, let’s talk about the screen of Xiaomi 10 pro. Let’s first talk about the basic parameters that you are most concerned about, the 6.67-inch hole digging comprehensive screen, the FHD + level with a resolution of 2340×1080, the screen scale of 19.5:9, with a high refresh rate of 90Hz. This screen has a delicate display effect, and high refresh rate significantly improves the smoothness of the display. The peak screen brightness has 1200 nit, and the unique local contrast enhancement algorithm can maintain good contrast and color performance under strong light, and maintain excellent readability.

In terms of color, this screen of Xiaomi 10 Pro supports DCL-P3 color gamut, and the color accuracy JNCD is less than 0.55. According to Xiaomi, this is the minimum standard of Xiaomi 10 pro. Such accurate color accuracy can make the display effect of mobile phone close to the reality, and even meet the needs of designers in the professional field.

Excellent screen quality and comprehensive screen design give Xiaomi 10 Pro top display effect. In fact, there are many hidden things under the screen, first of all, only the screen fingerprint module. Millet 10 Pro uses ultra-thin module, z-axis space is about 0.3mm, only 1 / 10 of the usual fingerprint module. The smaller size enables it to be placed between the battery and the screen, so the fingerprint area is more inclined to the center of the screen and the thumb is more comfortable to use. In addition, the area of fingerprint identification area is expanded by 10%, and the recognition rate will be further improved.

In terms of automatic brightness adjustment, Xiaomi 10 Pro can judge the light environment of the mobile phone more accurately through front and back dual light sensors, which can effectively avoid the detection error of ambient light in special scenes. At the same time, the automatic brightness adjustment is smooth transition, will not bring a sense of brightness jump, and the visual experience is more comfortable.

Xiaolong 865 top performance large battery 50W fast charge life

As a flagship mobile phone, Xiaomi 10 Pro is not stingy in the use of hardware specifications. The Qualcomm snapdragon 865 mobile platform used has the highest performance and connectivity performance. It is designed with 1 + 3 + 4 architecture. The 1 * 2.84GHz A77 super large core + 3 * 2.42GHz A77 large core + 4 * 1.8GHz A55 small nuclear power has a perfect balance in performance and power consumption. 25% performance improvement over the previous generation. In terms of graphics, it uses the Adreno 650 GPU, which also has a 25% increase in rendering speed.

In terms of critical AI performance, Xiaolong 865G mobile platform adopts the fifth generation of Xiaolong AIE engine, which improves the efficiency of AI operation by coordinating the operation characteristics of CPU, GPU and DSP. The built-in hexagon tensor accelerator in DSP improves the operation efficiency by 35%. On this basis, compared with the previous generation, it improves the performance by 4 times, and the operation performance can reach 15tops.

The performance of Xiaolong 865 is top-notch. As for the level to which it can be top-notch, running points will give you the most intuitive impression. Here we directly evaluate the running score of rabbit rabbit under the default setting of the system, which easily exceeded 560000, which is the standard score of Xiaolong 865 mobile platform, and also the absolute leader in the current mobile phone.

The excellent performance makes the use of Xiaomi 10 Pro smooth and incomparable. Even in the face of mobile games with high performance requirements, Xiaomi 10 Pro can easily cope with it. In “peace elite” game, millet 10 Pro can run out of full frame performance under low hardware load. This screen of Xiaomi 10 Pro also has a touch sampling rate of 180hz, which can greatly shorten the response delay of touch screen and enhance the controllability of the game. With excellent performance and high refresh rate and high sampling rate screen, Xiaomi 10 Pro has a refreshing experience in shooting, racing and MoBa competitive games.

In terms of network support, Xiaomi 10 Pro provides dual-mode 5G support and comprehensive support for 5G network frequency band in China. Of course, in view of the limited coverage of 5G network, the current 5G experience is not perfect, but it is undeniable that the overall experience of 5G network is significantly ahead of 4G network. Let’s take a look at our actual speed measurement indoors. In 4G network, the downlink/uplink speed is 89.2Mbps/9.28Mbps; in 5G test under the same test environment, the downlink/uplink speed is 290Mbps/31.5Mbps respectively. In the case of network fluctuation, 4G network is Ping for 15 ms, network jitter for 5 ms, 5G network is Ping for 14 ms and network jitter for 2 ms.

From the test results, it is not difficult to see that 5G network even though there is still imperfect coverage, but in the same environment, 5G network experience is incomparable to 4G network at all. 5G network has a better experience in terms of delay, speed and stability, which has improved experience in application and game.

In terms of storage, Xiaomi 10 Pro uses LPDDR5 memory. The maximum transfer rate of this memory can reach 6.4Gbps, which is nearly twice faster than LPDDR4 memory, more than 20% faster than lpddr4x memory, and the data access speed can be increased by up to 50%. Another advantage of lpddr5 memory is its power consumption, which is 20% lower than that of the previous generation. It is also helpful for the endurance. The battery life will be extended by 5% – 10%. The highest specification of 6.4Gbps can achieve more than 10% of the endurance improvement, which can also relieve the endurance pressure for 5G mobile phones. In terms of flash memory, Xiaomi 10 Pro uses UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory and is equipped with write turbo acceleration technology, which can greatly speed up the writing speed of storage. After our actual test, the write speed of Xiaomi 10 Pro has reached 740Mb/s, which can even be compared with UFS 3.1 flash memory.

Xiaomi 10 Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh high-capacity battery. The customized battery, with MMT polar ears in the middle of the cell and two FPC lines, reduces the overall impedance of the battery, reduces the heat output and improves the power utilization efficiency. After 4 hours of high-intensity use + 8 hours of 5G standby, Xiaomi 10 Pro has 50% power left. To be honest, the endurance performance is indeed not comparable to that of 4G mobile phones, but the gap with 4G mobile phones is not obvious. It is not a problem to support normal high-intensity use and recharging for one day.

It is an indisputable fact that the power consumption of 5G mobile phone is high. Before the breakthrough of battery technology, fast charging technology must be an important supplement to the endurance of 5G mobile phone. Xiaomi 10 Pro is equipped with a 50W fast charging device. Under our actual measurement, the screen will be fully charged for 47 minutes from 15% to 100%, which can quickly replenish the power. It is worth noting that the standard configuration of Xiaomi 10 Pro is a 65W charger, which has exceeded the upper limit of charging power of Xiaomi 10 pro. With this charger, you can charge your laptop.

100 million pixel photo, DxO top effect, excellent photo taking speed

Xiaomi 10 Pro has a full focus lens to provide a variety of photo scene support, and has many new technical support provided by Xiaolong 865, which has become a global standard in photo taking. In the DxO score, Xiaomi 10 Pro is the top mobile phone taking photos with 124 high scores.

The 100 million pixel main camera is not Xiaomi’s first use. This camera has a 1/1.33 inch background, an F/1.69 aperture, and an 8p lens, which supports OIS optical anti shake. No matter what kind of data it is, it’s a top-notch camera. The high pixel of this camera will not lead to the reduction of its single pixel area. After all, this camera also supports the four in one pixel technology, which can provide an equivalent pixel area of 1.6 μ m to improve the amount of light input when taking photos, so as to improve the quality of taking photos.

Main photo

Super wide angle correction of edge distortion

The ultra wide angle camera with 20 million pixels can provide a large angle of view of 117 degrees and obtain a broader field of vision for taking photos. At the same time, it supports edge distortion correction, which can significantly improve the effect of taking photos of landscapes and buildings. In the case of multiple people taking photos, the distortion of the characters on the edge can also be effectively corrected. 12 megapixel 50 mm focal length camera, with the most close to the human eye, is particularly suitable for portrait photography. With the portrait photography mode provided by Xiaomi 10 Pro, it can be a very natural virtual background, highlighting the portrait effect itself.

The millet 10 Pro is also equipped with a dedicated zoom camera, which provides 10 times hybrid zoom support and up to 50 times zoom. This camera has OIS optical anti shake support, which can significantly reduce the image jitter when zooming at high magnification, maintain the image stability, and make taking photos easier. In addition, it should be noted that when Xiaomi 10 Pro uses the zoom function, it seems that there is AI participating in it. When we click the focus, the system will automatically identify, and then switch the camera according to the identification results to obtain the best zoom effect. Therefore, when the zoom effect is not satisfactory, you may as well manually select the focus.

The biggest experience improvement of Xiaomi 10 pro in photographing is that we think it’s still on the 100 million pixel photographing. The advantage of high-pixel photo quality is quite obvious. With the powerful performance support of Xiaomi 10 pro, the photo speed of 100 million pixels and the subsequent synthesis speed are very fast, making people completely unable to feel the delay of photo taking, just like using the usual AI photo taking. Therefore, we can use 100 million pixel mode as the normal mode to take photos. As for the concern that 100 million pixel photo takes up too much space, it supports HEIF format millet 10 Pro is not a problem at all. In general, 25 million pixel photos taken in AI mode take up about 6MB of space, 100 million pixel photos take up about 8.6mb of space, and HEIF format only takes up 3MB, so there is no need to worry about space occupation.

8K video recording and shooting

In the video recording, Xiaomi 10 Pro has good video shooting stability, and built-in Vlog video mode, built-in multiple Vlog templates. The actual video anti shake performance is very good. In addition, Xiaomi 10 Pro supports 8K high-quality video shooting and simultaneous shooting in video shooting, which can take 33 million pixel high-quality photos simultaneously.

There is no doubt that the whole imaging function of Xiaomi 10 Pro is very top-notch, and it is one of the best mobile phones for photographing experience. Let’s finally take a look at the actual photos of millet 10 Pro:

In a photography environment where the lighting environment is adequate, the performance of Xiaomi 10 Pro is very good, and the reproducibility of the scene is very high, especially in the restoration of details and textures. The advantages of high pixels are obvious. At the same time, its blur performance is also very good, just as the evaluation given by DXO.

100 million pixel photo sample

The biggest advantage of 100 million pixels is absolute sharpness. A small part of the sample has a considerable sharpness after being magnified, which is beyond the reach of other mobile phones. Combined with the fast photography speed of 100 million pixels, the 100 million pixel photography of Xiaomi’s 10 Pro has really achieved the top-level photography experience.

In the dark light environment, the night view mode of Xiaomi 10 Pro has excellent noise reduction processing, and the photo taking speed is very fast, and the night view photo taking experience is very good. The photo taking effect is better in the night scene environment with very complex light, which can make the high light but not exposed, and the dark part has details.

Get rid of cost performance constraints and deliver satisfactory answers

Through the above tests, we can see that Xiaomi 10 Pro is a flagship mobile phone with strong comprehensive ability. Xiaomi has provided the most high-end configuration specifications for this mobile phone. As Xiaomi hoped, it has got rid of the shackles of cost performance and made a high-end flagship mobile phone.

Looking at Xiaomi 10 series, under the same design, Xiaomi has made two mobile phones with obvious differences in configuration. Xiaomi 10 Pro is indeed more perfect than Xiaomi 10 in experience. The difference between these configurations is the difference of non energy value of 1000 yuan, which is somewhat different. After all, Xiaomi 10 Pro is upgraded in the aspects of screen and fast charging, which most affect the experience.

In fact, the launch of Xiaomi 10 series can be seen as a successful transformation of Xiaomi. From the press conference, the sharp rise of Xiaomi’s share price is a good illustration of the problem. Looking at Xiaomi’s previous mobile phones, there are many classic models, among which the most successful transformation is Xiaomi 6. After breaking through the limit of 1999, its quality has been improved significantly. Xiaomi 10 series seems to be another breakthrough in quality, especially in Xiaomi 10 pro. After opening the price limit, there are more additional costs for Xiaomi’s design team to give full play to.

Users need high-quality mobile phone products, and have great tolerance for the price of high-quality mobile phones. The price is not the limiting factor because the quality is good enough. The price of Xiaomi 10 Pro starts at 4999 yuan, which is totally suitable for the quality of the machine, but in this special period, new requirements are put forward for the supply of Xiaomi.

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