Microsoft Put the Data Center in the Ocean! A New Way for Servers Cooling?

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It’s an important problem that how to cool servers in the data center, especially when a large number of servers are gathered together, the heat generated must be evacuated in time. Therefore, 41% of the annual electricity cost of a data center is used for cooling, otherwise the data center will have heat dissipation problems. Operational failure has disastrous consequences.

According to statistics, the annual electricity consumption of global data centers accounts for about 2% of the total global electricity, and the cost of energy consumption accounts for 30%-50% of the entire IT industry. Therefore, we usually think about more Internet companies, such as Apple, Google and other companies, besides labor, also have data centers.

How do large Internet companies cool their servers?

Therefore, how to reduce the cost of servers has become a matter of consideration for major IT companies. Let’s take a look at how Microsoft has recently figured out how to cool the servers.

After placing these servers in water, you can also take advantage of the good heat dissipation characteristics of water to help the servers better heat dissipation.

Huawei chose a completely different approach from Microsoft. Huawei built the Qixinghu Data Center in Gui’an New District, Guizhou, China. The first phase of this data center covers an area of ​​400,000 square meters and can accommodate 600,000 servers, which will cover the entire mountain. Hollowing, Guizhou has a suitable latitude, unique climate, and Guizhou is mountainous. There are natural caves in these mountains. The internal constant temperature and pressure are very conducive to heat dissipation. It is a good data center.

huawei data center

In addition to Huawei, China’s National Big Data Center, Apple’s Data Center, and China’s Tencent Data Center are all located here, making Guizhou the world’s largest data center.

Many people have doubts about choosing to dig a mountain to build a data center or build a data center on the seabed, which is better? Judging from the current situation, building a data center in the mountains is economical and practical. Although Microsoft’s subsea data center is very high-tech, it is still a long way from commercial use.

Large companies can dig mountains or sink into the sea to dissipate heat for servers, but we generally do not have the funds to do so. If we don’t choose to rent servers, but instead provide our own data centers, how can we cool the servers?

This article can tell you some solutions: How to Cool Down Your Data Center in the Hot Summer?

data center cooling

You might say, I don’t have a data center at all, and there are only a few servers in my company. How can I cool them?

– Buy servers with good heat dissipation performance. Generally, big brands have good performance, such as HPE, Dell, Lenovo, etc.

– Pay attention to ventilation.

– Keep the distance between servers.

– Equipped with air conditioners or professional cooling fans in your company’s computer room.

If you have different ways to cool servers, welcome to leave your comment.

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