Xiaomi Router AX9000: Feel The Power Of Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced Edition

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In order to better meet the wireless network needs of e-sports games, audio-visual entertainment, and whole-house intelligence, Xiaomi recently released the Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Router equipped with Qualcomm 1210 professional networking platform. With the independent 4×4 160M e-sports frequency band, 4K QAM modulation technology and other cutting-edge technologies, this new router will comprehensively improve the wireless network quality and bring users a fast Wi-Fi experience covering the whole house.

Cool appearance, efficient heat dissipation

As the third-generation Wi-Fi 6 flagship product of Xiaomi Router, Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Router not only has top performance, but also brings an extremely cool shape. The fortress-like appearance is full of technology. The LED lights on the fuselage can cooperate with the exclusive game acceleration function of Xiaomi mobile phones, and support custom lighting effects and e-sports mode lighting effects.

At the same time, the Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Router adopts a lower noise and more efficient heat dissipation system to fully release the router’s performance, maintain high-speed online, and avoid stalls or frequency drops at critical moments.

Qualcomm 1210 professional networking platform, 9000 megabit speed

Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Router is equipped with Qualcomm 1210 professional networking platform, helping to realize the top-level Wi-Fi 6 enhanced version features. The Qualcomm 1210 professional networking platform uses a quad-core 2.2GHz CPU and a dual-core 1.7GHz NPU. The powerful performance always ensures high-speed smoothness. At the same time, it also has 12 high-performance signal amplifiers, independent 4×4 160M gaming frequency band, and 4K QAM modulation technology.

With the blessing of many new features, the total speed of the Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Router reaches the top 9000Mbps, and it has excellent signal coverage and wall penetration capabilities, providing users with a long-lasting and reliable experience of large-scale games, audio and video entertainment.

In particular, it needs to be mentioned that the Qualcomm 1210 professional networking platform supports 4K QAM modulation technology. When used with mobile phones that also support this technology, the theoretical rate can be increased by 20% compared to the traditional 1024QAM. Especially when used in conjunction with Xiaomi 11 series mobile phones, you can get an extremely fast transmission experience of up to 3.5Gbps.

Tri-band Mesh networking, enjoy the whole house

Thanks to the excellent Wi-Fi 6 enhanced performance of Qualcomm’s 1210 professional networking platform, Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Router adds a separate 160MHz high-bandwidth 5G gaming frequency band on the basis of 2.4G and 5G dual-band Wi-Fi 6. Smart home products use the 2.4G frequency band, multimedia devices use the 5G frequency band, and mobile phones and computers can use the 5G e-sports frequency band. The three frequency bands do not interfere with each other, and each perform its own duties, so that the whole house equipment connection is smooth and unimpeded. Among them, the 5G e-sports frequency band has an independent Wi-Fi chip and antenna, even if users use other frequency bands to watch high-definition video, it can ensure low-latency game operation.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Router also supports up to 10 Xiaomi Wi-Fi 6 routers to form a Mesh network to solve the signal coverage problem of large and multi-layer houses. Connecting devices can realize seamless roaming among multiple routers, and users can still obtain stable signals in the house.

Thanks to the Qualcomm 1210 professional networking platform, the Xiaomi Mi AX9000 WiFi 6 Router not only has strong and stable performance, but also provides a high-speed, low-latency, and wide-coverage networking solution through a series of cutting-edge technologies to meet the increasing needs of users for wireless networks.

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PS: Here is a quick introduction of WI-FI 6. Maybe this video can help you learn more deatils about WiFi-6 and choose the best WiFi-6 devices for your need.

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