Happy Hispanic Heritage Month: Most Preferred Cisco Switches by Hispanic Customers

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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! On behalf of all our staff, including the Latino partners who have been cooperating with us for a long time, we wish you a merry Hispanic Heritage Month.

From September 15 to October 15 of each year, the United States honors National Hispanic Heritage Month to highlight the importance and contributions of Hispanic Americans to the country’s history, culture, and accomplishments.

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By reviewing the sales data of Router-switch.com, it is surprising to find that the Cisco Catalyst 9500 Switches is one of the most preferred products by our Hispanic customers.

The Catalyst 9500 Series, including the new Catalyst 9500X models, continues to shape the future with continued innovation that helps you reimagine connections, reinforce security and redefine the experience for your hybrid workforce big and small.

Cisco Catalyst 9500X switch is the industry’s first purpose-built fixed 40, 100, 200 and 400 Gigabit Ethernet switch targeted for the enterprise campus. The Catalyst 9500X switch delivers unmatched forwarding scale (MAC addresses, IP unicast and multicast routes, MPLS labels) and deep buffering for enterprise applications. The first Catalyst 9500X models includes non-blocking 100 Gigabit Ethernet Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable (QSFP28) and non-blocking 400 Gigabit Ethernet Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Double Density (QSFP-DD) ports.

Quick Check of Cisco Catalyst 9500 Switches

Product ID Total Ports Gigabit Ethernet / FE ports Power Supply SFP Ports Rate Uplink Interfaces Rate Forwarding bandwidth Forwarding rate
C9500-32C 32 0 C9K-PWR-1600WAC-R 32 100G N/A N/A 6.4Tbps 2Bpps
C9500-32QC 32 0 C9K-PWR-650WAC-R 32 40G N/A N/A 3.2Tbps 1Bpps
C9500-48Y4C 52 0 C9K-PWR-650WAC-R 48 25G 4 100G 3.2Tbps 1Bpps
C9500-24Y4C 28 0 C9K-PWR-650WAC-R 24 25G 4 100G 2Tbps 1Bpps
C9500-24Q 24 0 PWR-C4-950WAC-R 24 40G N/A N/A 1920Gbps 1440Mpps
C9500-12Q 12 0 PWR-C4-950WAC-R 12 40G N/A N/A 960Gbps 720Mpps
C9500-40X 40 0 PWR-C4-950WAC-R 40 10G Modular uplink options N/A 960Gbps 720Mpps
C9500-16X 16 0 PWR-C4-950WAC-R 16 10G Modular uplink options N/A 480Gbps 360Mpps
C9500X-28C8D 36 0 C9K-PWR-1500WAC 28 100G 8 400G 12Tbps 8Bpps

Catalyst 9500 Series switches support advanced routing and infrastructure services (such as Multiprotocol Label Switching [MPLS] Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs, Multicast VPN [MVPN], and Network Address Translation [NAT]); Cisco Software-Defined Access capabilities (such as a host tracking database, cross-domain connectivity, and VPN Routing and Forwarding [VRF]-aware Locator/ID Separation Protocol [LISP]); and network system virtualization with Cisco StackWise Virtual technology2 that are critical for their placement in the campus core. The Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series also supports foundational high-availability capabilities such as patching, Cisco Nonstop Forwarding with Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO2), redundant platinum-rated power supplies, and fans, while supporting a wide array of optics. Catalyst 9500 Series switches provide operational choice of Cisco DNA Center, or Meraki cloud monitoring.

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