How ICT is Revolutionizing Community Development in Sabah

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The use of information and communication technology (ICT) has become increasingly important in modern society, and its benefits should not be overlooked, especially by grassroots and community leaders. In Sabah, Malaysia, Kiulu assemblyman Datuk Joniston Bangkuai believes that leaders in his constituency should embrace ICT to promote community involvement and productivity. At an ICT workshop programme held in Kampung Simpangan, Joniston encouraged village heads and members of the Village Development and Security Committee to become skilled in ICT to avoid missing out on the benefits of the digital age.

With the rapid transfer of information in today’s world, Joniston believes that leaders need to be adaptable and resourceful when carrying out their duties. Finding solutions today typically involves using some form of digital technology, which requires creativity and invention. Digital communication tools and social media can help ICT-savvy leaders communicate more easily with members of their community, share information, and build relationships.

Moreover, competence in ICT can assist community leaders in developing new economic opportunities for their community. Digital platforms can promote entrepreneurship, connect local businesses with prospective customers, and attract new investors to the community.

The Sabah government is committed to promoting the use of ICT for community development. With funding from the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, the ICT workshop was conducted by the ICT tutors from the AMC College and attended by some 50 youth. Joniston also pledged to invest in the advancement of ICT for community leaders in his constituency, utilizing his “touch point” allocation, which would include church elders.

In conclusion, the use of ICT is essential for community leaders to stay relevant and responsive to their community’s needs and challenges. By becoming skilled in ICT, leaders can promote community involvement, productivity, and new economic opportunities. The Sabah government’s efforts to promote the use of ICT for community development are commendable, and community leaders should take advantage of these initiatives to improve their skills and promote their community’s welfare.

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