H3C: The Light of IT Illuminates the Future of Moving Services

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There is a consensus in the industry that the difficulty of data center migration can be called the ceiling of the “relocation industry”, and it is more difficult than building a new data center. But H3C’s “moving” service has pierced through this ceiling.

Bullishness 1: The golden signboard is “lossless” moving

In a move, the equipment ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands, as well as intricate connection architecture, complicated applications, and real money data. It is easier said than done to be “lossless”. However, H3C dared to promise domineeringly: “We can achieve “no loss of equipment and no loss of business”

Bullishness 2: H3C can move anything, dare to try

H3C has a “full-stack migration” solution.As long as customers dare to make demands, H3C will dare to move

Hybrid Migration:This refers to physical relocation + logical migration, which is equivalent to the superposition of the previous two situations, and the difficulty is doubled. This is generally a big job, and it needs to be migrated in batches. It tests the ability of fine coordination and control.

The “old three” mentioned above can only be regarded as regular services. In the past two years, the IT architecture of customers has become more and more complex. There are rented IDCs, self-built ones, public clouds, and hybrid clouds. Ever-changing. Therefore, H3C has added three new “Internet celebrity” services.

Move to the cloud, move across the cloud:Cloud migration is a very popular project in recent years. New H3C can help customers realize “seamless cloud migration”. Cloud migration on local systems/cross-cloud platform system migration provides services including physical machines, virtual machines, hyper-convergence, private clouds, and public Cloud and cross-cloud, multiple “moving” services.The whole process goes through four meticulous steps to ensure “non-stop business and zero data loss”

Core Data Migration:At present, customers mainly have three types of appeals: A, homogeneous or heterogeneous database migration B, unstructured data migration C, storage data migration (cross-brand, cross-architecture).H3C’s strategy is “fine-grained” moving method, moving layer by layer.

Distributed Architecture Migration:In the cloud era, the distributed architecture is too popular. Once it involves migration, it is much more troublesome than the centralized architecture. There are many resource nodes, and the physical and logical connections are complicated. The first step to clarify the intricate relationship has scared away 90% of the peers. But For H3C, there is no pressure.

Bullishness 3: Upgraded moving

Upgrade migration includes: data protection upgrade, intra-city/off-site disaster recovery upgrade, IT high-availability upgrade, network optimization upgrade, and infrastructure optimization upgrade.

Bullishness 4: The whole process of moving is transparent and visible

New H3C pioneered the [Smart Migration System], allowing customers to check the migration progress in real time. This system is by no means as simple as alleviating anxiety, but a super intelligent “moving brain”. Through this “brain”, H3C can efficiently control huge and complex scenes, centralized control, unified scheduling, and fine execution.

Bullishness 5: professional moving master, professional moving techniques

In “moving”, H3C provides professional services for the whole process, comprehensively solves the migration problems under various environments and structures, unified management and control, unified platform, unified tools, and unified documents. In the usual words: professional and down-to-earth!

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