Fortinet Revolution! The new FortiGate-3200F&900G series data center firewalls lead the industry trend

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Fortinet released the new FortiGate NGFW series, continuing to fulfill its commitment to data center security. Higher performance, lower power consumption, comprehensive protection of modern enterprises and help them achieve sustainable development goals. The new NGFW integrates FortiGuard AI-driven security services to block emerging and file-based threats. New models include the FortiGate 3200F and 900G, leading the industry standard for efficient and secure operations.

FortiGate 3200F series

Designed for ultra-large-scale data centers, it can provide 387Gbps firewall throughput, 29Gbps SSL inspection throughput, and 105Gbps IPSec VPN throughput, which is four times the industry average, and consumes 72% less energy than competing products. The 3200F is equipped with four 400GE interfaces, which can seamlessly manage large-scale network traffic according to business needs.

FortiGate 900G series

It provides data center-ready performance in a compact form factor and leads a new industry standard. It has a firewall throughput of 164Gbps, an IPSec VPN throughput of 55Gbps, and a threat protection throughput of 20Gbps, which is six times higher than the industry average, ensuring efficient and secure operations.

It is well known that data center firewall capabilities, such as advanced features, suitability for key use cases, security effectiveness, and total cost of ownership, can vary by model and vendor. In the face of numerous publicity from many security vendors, how to choose the solution that best suits the organization’s current network environment has become a major problem. Fortinet commissioned an independent research organization, Forrester Consulting, to carry out the deployment of FortiGate next-generation firewall (NGFW) and FortiGuard security service TEI project in the data center, to investigate the organizational cost savings and business benefit improvement advantages that data center firewall and security services can achieve, and to verify the rationality of business value . The goal of Forrester’s Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI: Total Economic Impact) framework is to evaluate the value of solution investments around four economic indicators that affect investment decisions: cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk. TEI reports the results of quantified and unquantified returns:

Quantifiable benefits

ROI up to 318%,
Payback period of less than six months

90% reduction in manual update time

Thanks to the ease of deployment and management of FortiGate NGFW, the time spent by the network team on manual updates and repairs has dropped by 90%. This ease of use, combined with powerful automation services, also reduces the task of re-imaging devices and connecting auxiliary devices for security teams by up to 50% and 95%, respectively.

Unquantified benefits
Optimize your overall security posture
Improve visibility and network reliability
Responsive user support service
Fortinet’s support team is responsive, offering 24×7 technical support services, as well as advisory support.
To date, Fortinet and FortiGate NGFW have been recognized by many third-party organizations and authoritative analysts, including being recognized as a leader in the 2022 Gartner® Network Firewall Magic Quadrant™, and in the “Forrester Wave: 2022 Enterprise-Class Firewall Report” was placed in the Leaders Quadrant and received a “Recommended” rating in the Independent Firewall Test.

The wide recognition of third-party professional authoritative organizations fully confirms the extraordinary advantages of Fortinet’s unique network and security integration solutions. FortiGate NGFW uses a unified operating system FortiOS and a unified management console FortiManager to extend AI-driven security to all NGFWs deployed in on-premises, cloud and virtual machine devices in hybrid environments. This advantage makes FortiGate NGFW ideal for hybrid mesh firewall (Hybrid Mesh Firewall) architectures, which coordinate security policies across firewalls to create a comprehensive security posture. FortiGate NGFW also supports the FortiFlex on-demand license plan, which is easy to purchase and easy to deploy.

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