Customizable Cloud Excellence: Exploring Cisco and Hitachi’s EverFlex Services

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Cisco and Hitachi Vantara have unveiled a transformative suite of managed as-a-service offerings tailored for enterprises navigating the intricacies of hybrid cloud environments. Named “Hitachi EverFlex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud,” this joint venture merges the prowess of Cisco’s compute and networking technologies with Hitachi’s storage capabilities, promising a dynamic and simplified hybrid cloud experience.

The Hybrid Cloud Conundrum

Hybrid cloud deployments, while promising unprecedented flexibility, often introduce operational complexities, escalating costs, and heightened security risks. Recognizing these challenges, Cisco and Hitachi set out to pioneer a solution that not only mitigates these issues but propels organizations towards a future of agile, cost-effective, and secure hybrid cloud management.

EverFlex: Redefining Managed Hybrid Cloud Services

At the heart of this collaboration is EverFlex, Hitachi’s managed as-a-service platform. Offering a range of converged infrastructure services, EverFlex ensures a seamless integration of compute, networking, and software technologies from Cisco, complemented by Hitachi’s robust storage capabilities.

Key Features of Hitachi EverFlex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud
  1. Customizable Solutions: The services are highly customizable, providing organizations the flexibility to tailor their hybrid cloud infrastructure according to their unique requirements. This flexibility extends to consumption-based pricing, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  2. Converged Infrastructure: Leveraging Cisco Unified Computing System X Series servers and the Intersight cloud management platform, EverFlex brings together cutting-edge technologies to simplify and accelerate application delivery.
  3. Comprehensive Networking Technologies: Cisco’s hybrid cloud umbrella incorporates security measures, Nexus switches, and SD-WAN support, creating a secure and efficient networking environment.
  4. Managed Services Platform: EverFlex serves as a managed platform, offering an array of data storage capabilities, including containers-as-a-service, storage arrays, software-defined storage, and robust data protection services encompassing backup, disaster recovery, encryption, and ransomware protection.
  5. Full Observability and Cloud-Like Management: Customers can harness the power of Hitachi’s Infrastructure Orchestration as a Service and Cisco Intersight to achieve full observability, cloud-like management for both on-premises and cloud environments, performance analytics, hybrid cloud observability, and automation.
The Promise of Simplified Hybrid Cloud Management

Jeremy Foster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Compute, emphasizes that EverFlex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud is designed, validated, and optimized for diverse application workloads and use cases. The goal is to empower IT teams to reduce complexity and mitigate risks associated with hybrid cloud operations.

Seamless Integration at Its Core

The collaboration between Cisco and Hitachi Vantara, announced in June 2023, is a testament to the commitment to seamlessly integrate Cisco’s networking technologies with Hitachi’s storage products. The result is a comprehensive offering that encompasses data center infrastructure and managed services tailored for the evolving needs of hybrid cloud environments.

Embark on Your Hybrid Cloud Journey with EverFlex

As organizations look toward the future of hybrid cloud management, EverFlex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. For a firsthand experience of this transformative solution, visit Here, technology meets simplicity, and the complexities of hybrid cloud management fade away.

Conclusion: A Glimpse into the Future of Hybrid Clouds

In conclusion, the unveiling of Hitachi EverFlex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud marks a significant stride in reshaping the landscape of hybrid cloud management. It’s an invitation for enterprises to embrace a future where operational excellence, flexibility, and security converge seamlessly. Visit to explore how EverFlex can redefine your hybrid cloud experience and propel your organization towards a future-ready IT infrastructure.

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