Cisco USB Console Port

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Due to the high prices of the USB To Serial cable converter used to connect to the console cable of CISCO devices, CISCO has recently added a new USB console port to its products, that uses a cheap USB cable, that also widely used with other devices, for example external USB hard disk. Also the traditional 45-rj console port still available to provide compatibility with legacy PCs or to be used with the USB To Serial cable converters.

Traditional USB to Serial cable converter


Both console ports in Cisco devices “blue bordered”



USB Cable Used With the USB Console Port

Cisco USB Console Ports

This USB console cable needs a driver to be installed to be usable with Cisco devices. You can download this driver for windows (32&64&2k), Linux, and Mac OS from the following link: Cisco USB Console Port Driver Download(zip)

Also this is a short video showing how to configure this cable on windows from YouTube:

Also you can read the popular article Cisco USB Console Ports written by Scott Hogg at NETWORKWORLD.


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