How to Use the Most-Used Cisco 7911 Phone?

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It is said that Cisco 7911 Phone was used most in the Cisco IP Phone 7900 Series. Are you a Cisco 7911 user? Are you familiar with all the buttons of Cisco 7911 Phone? In this article, we will read the Cisco 7911’s buttons and their tasks.


1 Phone Screen Displays phone menus and call activity including caller ID, call duration, and call state
2 Cisco IP Phone series Indicates your Cisco IP Phone model series.
3 Softkey buttons Each activates a softkey option displayed on your phone screen.
4 Navigation button Allows you to scroll through menu items.
5 Applications menu button Displays the Applications menu that provides access to phone logs and directories, settings, and services.
6 Hold button Places the active call on hold, resumes a call on hold, and switches between an active call and a call on hold.
7 Keypad Allows you to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items.
8 Volume button Controls the handset, headset, speaker, and ringer volume.
9 Handset w/ light strip The light strip on the handset indicates an incoming call or new voice message.


Common Phone Tasks

Place a call Go off-hook before or after dialing a number
Redial a number Press Redial.
Hold/resume a call Highlight the call, and pressresume a call.
Forward Phone Press more softkey, press CFwdAll, enter the 4-digit extension or press the Msgs softkey to forward to voicemail.  Note:  Do not forward the phone to voicemail by forwarding to x5000, it will not work correctly.
Transfer a call Press Transfer, dial the number, then press Transfer again.
Conference Call Press, more > Confrn, dial the participant, then press Confrn again.
Call Pickup Lift the handset, press PickUp


Phone Screen Icons

Phone Screen Icons-Cisco IP Phone 7911


IP Phone Softkey Defintions

*Note: Not all softkeys are available on all phones.

AbbrDial Dial using a speed-dial index number
Answer Answer a call
CallBack Receive notification when a busy extension becomes available
Cancel Cancel an action or exit a screen without applying changes
CFwdALL Setup/call call forwarding
Clear Delete records or settings
Close Close current window
ConfList View conference participants
Confrn Create a conference call
Delete Remove characters to the right of the cursor when using EditDial
Details Opens the Details call record for a multiparty call in the Missed Calls and Received Call logs
Dial Dial a phone number
DirTrfr Transfer two calls to each other
EditDial Edit a number in a call log
EndCall Disconnect the current call
Erase Reset settings to their defaults
Exit Return to the previous screen
Hlog Log out of hunt group
iDivert Send a call directly to voicemail
Join Join several calls on a single line to create a conference
Monitor Listen to a call on the speaker
MonOff Disable the Monitor function
more Display additional softkeys
Msgs Dial the voicemail system
NewCall Make a new call
PickUp Answer a call within your group
Redial Redial the most recently dialed number
Remove Remove a conference participant
RmLstC Drop the last party added to a conference call
Search Search for a directory listing
Transfer Transfer a call
Update Refresh content on screen
<< Delete entered characters
>> Move through entered characters

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