Huawei S5700-EI in Network–Sample Deployments

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The Huawei S5700-EI switches can be applied to different kinds of networks, such as the Large-sized Enterprise, for the data center. How to set up a better network with the S5700-EI? Now, let’s share these sample deployments.

On Large-sized Enterprise Networks

The Huawei S5700-EI can function as an access device on a large-sized enterprise network or an aggregation device on a small-sized or medium-sized campus network. It supports link aggregation and dual-homing to improve network reliability.

On Large-sized Enterprise Networks

In Data Centers

The S5700-EI can be used in a data center. It connects to gigabit servers and aggregates traffic from the servers to uplink devices through trunk links. If multiple servers are available, an S5700-EI stack can be used to facilitate network maintenance and improve network reliability.

In Data Centers


The S5700-EI Product List

Product Description-S5700


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