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How to extend the connectivity your Cisco 809 and 829 Industrial Routers? The answer is with the “Cisco Interface Module for LoRaWAN”

The featured Cisco Solution for LoRaWAN-Create a gateway for your network

LoRaWAN is an LPWA technology with open specifications by the LoRa Alliance that operates on the unlicensed ISM band, such as 863– 870MHz and 902–928MHz. It supports bidirectional communication, chirp modulation, multiple spreading factors, adaptive data rate from 300 bps to 5.5 Kpbs, and up to 15 kilometers single hop in rural from the end device to the LoRaWAN Gateway.

The Cisco solution for LoRaWAN includes the Cisco gateway, which extends existing industry-leading industrial routers IR809 and IR829 with a ruggedized interface module for LoRaWAN, Cisco IoT field network director, and Cisco partner LoRaWAN back-end platform.

The Cisco solution for LoRaWAN

The Cisco Solution for LoRaWAN

The Cisco solution for LoRaWAN offers customer a fully integrated and functional architecture that supports both service providers and industrial vertical customers.

service providers and industrial vertical customers

Cisco Interface Module for LoRaWAN

This 16-channel interface module complies with Semtech LoRa gateway hardware reference design version 2. It brings several enhanced features such as high radio bandwidth utilization, embedded GPS, geo-localization, RF channel scanning, wider spectrum radio agile transceiver, higher grade saw filter, improvement to coexistence with the LTE radio networks, and future modulation enhancements.

Cisco Interface Module for LoRaWAN

Cisco Omni Gateway: 809 Industrial Routers with One Interface Module

Cisco IR809 is a compact Ethernet and 4G/LTE cellular industrial router for remote deployment in various industries. Equipped with one interface module on the LAN port and omnidirectional antenna, Cisco IR809 provides full 360-degree coverage.

809 Industrial Routers with One Interface Module

Cisco Tri-Sectors Gateway: 829 Industrial Routers with Three Interface Modules

Cisco 829 is a ruggedized compact Ethernet, 4G/LTE and WLAN (2.4/5GHz) industrial router for scalable, reliable, and secure management of IoT applications. Equipped with up to three interface modules on Cisco 829 LAN ports, Cisco 829 provides 3 120-degree sectors coverage that is applicable to end device high density areas.

Cisco Tri-Sectors Gateway

Cisco IoT Field Network Director (FND)

It provides full NMS functionalities to manage the Cisco IR809 and IR829 as well as their interface modules. The Cisco FND automatically performs the configuration provisioning, certificate management, IPSEC VPN tunnel creation, firmware upgrade, and Cisco partner’s LoRaWAN packet forwarder (LRR) software management.

Cisco Partner’s LoRaWAN Back-End Platform

It offers a LoRaWAN network server for the end-device management, routing server to the application vendor’s application server, OSS and BSS interface, user portal, and RF planning tools.

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