Something about the Cisco Wireless APs Supporting Cisco WLC

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In this article we collected some problems about the Cisco AP supporting Cisco WLC from Cisco users. AP working/connecting with WLC is a common issue that discussed by network users. Do you have the similar experience while doing connection between the AP and WLC? Now, let’s check some tips from these users.

1. Does Cisco 3600 AP support 4402 WLC? Can 3600 series model AP work with WLC 4402 with existing license? We purchased 25 LIC pack and still using only 15. Any recommended Part no on 3600 series with external Antenna?

The Access point 3600 supported only on 7.2 code version. And the 7.2 code version is not supported on 4402 controller. So unfortunately you cannot get the 3600 AP working with 4402 controller.

More info here:

Cisco Aironet 3600 data sheet:

Software   Cisco Unified Wireless Network Software Release 7.2 or later


7.2 release notes:

Controller Platforms Not Supported for


2. supports WLC 4402

Cisco 3500 WLC and you need to be running the latest 7.0.X code. If you’re planning to purchase these due to the CleanAir feature, you will not be able to enable CleanAir in a mixed environment with non CleanAir access points. But other than that, the Cisco 3500 WLCs do perform well.

More Suggestions: If you need CleanAir to be supported you need 3500. This one can be supported on your WLC. If you don’t care about CleanAir to be supported then you can take 1260 AP in consideration. I think it will be cheaper comparing to 3500 series.

Data sheet for 3500 AP:

Data Sheet for 1260 AP:

Cisco 1260 AP is almost the same as 3500 features but without CleanAir support.

The Discussion from

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Cisco AP could not connect with the WLC.  We have Cisco WLC 2500 series and 5 APs 1700 series working on controller mode. I have configured the controller like I always used to do but this time the APs were unable to join the controller.
This is what i did:
controller IP address:
Primary DHCP:

I have connected the controller port1 with Ethernet cable from switch and from the same switch i connected the AP.

We have used the adapter instead of the POE switch. I even tried assigning address to AP directly through the console as: capwap ap controller ip address and so on. This didn’t help either.

There was this message in AP “%CAPWAP-5-DHCP_RENEW: Could not discover WLC using DHCP IP. Renewing DHCP IP.”
By the way, the POE ports in the controller, do they provide enough power for the AP to function?

I have attached the putty log as well.

The Details:

Someone’s Suggetions: Connection to WLC was successfully created. But then dropped for any reason. I am not sure if this helps but try to connect Ethernet cable directly to POE port of AP instead of AUX port. You can use POE port on AP even if you don´t use POE switch.

And regarding POE port on WLC. Cisco doesn´t recommend connecting AP directly to WLC but it is possible.

Also I don´t see that IP address was assigned by DHCP.
Try also use commands:
capwap ap ip address…
capwap ap ip default-gateway…

I suppose that switch and WLC are configured properly.


I had the similar problem.
Just connect console cable to AP, go to enable mode and type commands:
clear capwap private-config
clear lwap private-config

then reload AP with “reload” command.

After these comands AP joined to WLC succesfully

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