Move to DNA or ACI?

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Relationship of Cisco ONE to DNA and ACI

Digital business relies upon a new digital network, in enterprise networking and the data center. This new network requires a software-based and policy-driven approach, automation, built-in security, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

Cisco is delivering this new network via Digital Network Architecture (DNA) for enterprise networking and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) for the data center.

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Cisco DNA Products and Solutions
With Cisco DNA
Cisco ACI Approach and ACI Architecture
What’s the Different Result with Cisco ACI?

Cisco ONE subscription alternatives were made available starting in 2017 that prominently featured the latest innovations in DNA and ACI.

Those subscriptions have been renamed to better reflect DNA and ACI terminology that customers increasingly link with modern, software-defined, policy-based management and control. Thus, subscriptions are still available and continuously updated, albeit under different names.

Please see separate At A Glance documents for DNA Subscription and ACI subscription software.

Cisco ONE will be offered as perpetual licenses only.

Move to DNA or ACI

Cisco is bridging from SWSS to help customers move to DNA and ACI innovations.

New Cisco ONE customers will attach DNA/ACI subscription software that includes software support (SWSS) for the perpetual and subscription licenses. Existing Cisco ONE customers will get DNA/ACI software at the time of SWSS renewal that includes software support (SWSS) for the perpetual and subscription licenses. This is cost neutral, thus provides substantially more value at no additional cost.

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