OPPO 5G CPE T1a Unboxing: How Is The 5G WiFi 6 Router Experience At Home?

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OPPO’s first 5G router, OPPO 5G CPE T1a, uses Qualcomm’s second-generation 7nm Snapdragon X55 5G chip and built-in 4 x 4 MIMO antenna technology. It is fully compatible with the local 5G network. Just insert a SIM card and you can share it with your family at home. 5G network experience, but what about the actual experience?


Take a look at the accessories that came out of the box:

OPPO 5G CPE T1a router

LAN cable

24W charger

Body details

The OPPO 5G CPE T1a router has a body length of 92mm, width of 92mm, height of 180mm, and weight of 810g. The volume is not too large and it is convenient to set up in different locations. The rear is equipped with a power button, WPS button, LAN 1/WAN slot, LAN 2 slot and power supply. In addition to supporting Wi-Fi 6, you can also use a wired network through a LAN cable.

The top of the router is equipped with a heat sink.

The SIM card slot and the Reset button are located at the bottom of the router, and there are also preset Wi-Fi passwords and management account names and passwords.

A SIM card can be inserted after opening.

There are four LED flashing lights on the front of the router, which are 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi and power supply. When the SIM card is not inserted, the 5G and 4G LED lights will not light up. When in use, the LED will not be able to receive 5G signals. It will not light up. A white light indicates good signal reception, a yellow light indicates normal signal reception, and a red light indicates poor signal reception.

Actual experience

After connecting to the Wi-Fi network through a computer, mobile phone, etc., you can go to oppowifi.com to set up the router. You can view the number of device connections, change the Wi-Fi password, change the spectrum, etc. You can also choose to use only the 5G network or the 4G network.

Network speed test

OPPO 5G CPE T1a uses the built-in unique O-Reserve smart antenna design to automatically select the four antennas with the strongest signal among the eight antennas. At the same time, it takes into account the “omnidirectional antenna” and “directional antenna” signal distribution methods, and can use Sub-6GHz Receive 5G signals in all directions, and support the latest Wi-Fi 6 and multiple wireless network standards, including 5GHz 802.11 a/n/ac/ax and 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n/ax 2 x 2 MIMO Wi-Fi technology , Which can seamlessly connect up to 32 terminal devices at the same time.

Summary and evaluation

The OPPO 5G CPE T1a WiFi 6 router has a small body, does not occupy too much space, and is easy to set up. OPPO 5G CPE T1a has a unique built-in O-Reserve smart antenna, and the network speed is very fast.

If you’re interested in OPPO 5G CPE T1a, welcome to contact us (sales@router-switch.com) or order now: OPPO 5G CPE T1a.

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