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Besides the famous Cisco campus LAN switches, Huawei switches for campus LAN environments is also known for the users who want to purchase network switches.

Did you hear about Huawei switches before? You may know Huawei Smartphones, but you may not know who the Huawei is.

Huawei is the global leader in the field of information and telecommunication solution development. Huawei has a great strength on the switching solution. The typical products are the Huawei S-series campus LAN switches. (We also talked about the Huawei Fixed Switches before.)

Huawei S-series campus LAN switches provide a range of low-end and advanced device options that address large network environments that need high-bandwidth access.

In this article we will share the three questions with the users who want to find a right campus LAN switch.

  1. What Huawei switches provide from the access layer.
  2. What Huawei campus LAN switches provide for the core and distribution layer?
  3. Pricing and support for Huawei switches.
What Huawei switches provide from the access layer

Toward the low end of Huawei’s access switch lineup is its Layer 2 S5700-SI series.

Here, you’ll find a number of 1U, fixed form-factor switches with 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps small form-factor and SFP+ uplink options. Huawei has its own stacking technology, known as iStack, which can combine up to nine switches in a single stack.

With a maximum RJ45 port density of 48 ports per switch, a stack of nine 48-port S5700-SI series switches can support up to 432 end devices in a singularly managed switch interface. Power over Ethernet plus is an optional upgrade for this series.

Stepping up from the S5700 into a more feature-rich, Layer-3-capable access switch, Huawei offers the S5720-EI series of enhanced switches.

Aside from offering the same form factor and standard switching capabilities as the S5700-SI series, the S5720-EI offers additional switching throughput capabilities, larger media access control tables, and advanced Layer 2 and 3 switching features.

What Huawei campus LAN switches provide for the core and distribution layer?

On the low end of Huawei’s modular core and distribution line are the S7700 Series Smart Routing Switches. These multilayer switches boast 10, 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for easy long-term scaling of uplinks as the network expands to take on an increasing amount of throughput.

The Huawei S7700 series can also be field-upgraded to act as a built-in wireless LAN controller and to support future software-defined networking capabilities. The three models of the S7700 series support switching throughput between 1.9 Tbps and 3.8 Tbps.

Stepping up one level in performance are the Huawei S9700 Series Terabit Routing Switches. This series is touted by Huawei as being an excellent choice for the core layer in very large campus LANs.

The Huawei S9700 series has built-in support for high-end capabilities, such as MPLS virtual private network, native virtual desktop switching, nonstop forwarding and in-service firmware upgrades. But the real reason to step up to the S9700 series is for performance. The low-end S9703 can switch up to 2.88 Tbps, while the larger 9712 switch can push 8.64 Tbps.

Pricing and support for Huawei switches

Enterprise-grade equipment manufactured by Huawei, including campus LAN Huawei switches, can be purchased through a Huawei supplier. Pricing for Huawei switches is based on the switch hardware and software and support required, as well as the reseller’s markup. Both the S5700 and S7700 series Huawei switches have a limited lifetime warranty, and the high-end S9700 series includes a 12-month hardware replacement warranty, with no additional support contracts required.

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