13 Questions You Have To Know About Huawei AR G3 Routers

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Q1: What Does “AR G3” Represent?

A: “AR G3” is short for “the Third-Generation Access Router”. The Huawei AR G3 series routers are the third-generation enterprise-class routers based on Huawei’s proprietary Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), which inherit Huawei’s advanced data communication technologies for wireless, access, and core networks.The Huawei AR G3 integrates routing, switching, voice, security,and WLAN functions using a multi-core CPU and the non-blocking switching architecture.The Huawei AR G3provides industry-leading performance and scalability for the most demanding customer service requirements. In addition, it provides an integrated solution for enterprise networks, speeds up enterprise users’ multi-service development, and protects their investments.


Q2: Why Should Customers Choose the Huawei AR G3 Series Enterprise-Class Routers?

A: In the global enterprise-class access router market, there are three main challenges that arise when a large number of device vendors strive to meet enterprise users’ demanding requirements.

  • Integration: Aunified platform must be provided for carrier-class services.l
  • Service expansion: Enterprises must be able to expandtheir businesses in the global market.l Service experience: A high-performance communication platform for enterprises must be provided to implement highly efficient cross-regional communication and cost-effective business trips.

Challenged by these three demanding requirements,enterprise-class access routers must provide all-in-one service processing capabilities, Open Service Platform (OSP) for service expansion, and various wired and wireless access modes. More importantly, access routers must provide high levels of performance and bandwidth to ensure high-speed data transmission.The Huawei AR G3 is a third-generation,enterprise-class router, which uses a multi-core CPU to ensure a high capability of service forwarding. It provides voice, access, routing, switching, and security functions,and OSP, helping Huawei and enterprises achieve a win-win scenario together.Furthermore, the Huawei AR G3is equipped with the eSight network management system, which provides a one-stop,end-to-end solution for enterprise networks, enabling enterprise users to experience Huawei’s quick delivery and innovative services in conjunction with this high-performance router.


Q3: How Many Models Do the Huawei AR G3 Series Routers Have?

A: The Huawei AR G3 series enterprise-class routers are divided into five sub-series:AR150, AR200, AR1200, AR2200,and AR3200, which include more than 10 router models, meeting each global enterprise user’s requirements for various services and different levels of service traffic.


Q4: Which Scale of Enterprise is Each Model Applicable to? What is the Market Positioning of Each Model?

A: Generally speaking, the Huawei AR G3 series ideally meets the requirements of enterprises providing either multiple services including network access, voice, video, VPN,and security for up to 500 users,or simple and low-traffic services for up to 1000 users.Specifically,the AR200 is an enterprise router designed for small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cybercafes, government agencies, and branches of other industries. The AR200 features various interfaces that facilitate flexible networking capabilities.The AR1200 is an all-in-one enterprise router designed for small-and medium-sized offices and branches of SMEs. It provides multiple interfaces,such as Ethernet, WLAN, xDSL, SA, E1, 3G,and voice interfaces, meeting a wide variety of enterprise user requirements.The AR2200 is an enterprise router designed for the headquarters of medium-sized enterprises and branches of medium-and large-sized enterprises. It is applicable to broadband, leased line access, voice,and security scenarios and features high service performance and a variety of interfaces, satisfying enterprise users’ diverse requirements. The AR3200 features the highest service performance levels of the AR series and also provides the largest number of interface types. Its rich functionality includes wired and wireless Internet access, leased line access, private branch exchange (PBX), integrated communication, and network security. The AR3200 is widely deployed at the egress of medium-and large-sized campus network sand the headquarters and branches of medium-and large-sized enterprises.


Q5: Aside from Being an Enterprise-Class Access Router, Are There Any Alternative Market Roles for the Huawei AR G3? Which Customers Are the Huawei AR G3 Currently Oriented to?

A:As a bridge between the internal and external networks, the Huawei AR G3 is being used in various application scenarios outside of the enterprise market. Specifically, the Huawei AR G3 is used fort he backbone network’s edge aggregation and branch access of a wide variety of industries,such as the government, finance, transportation, energy, manufacturing, education, and Internet industries,as well as the egress interconnection of SMEs. The target customer cluster of the Huawei AR G3 consists of carriers,enterprises, and customers in hierarchical industries.


Q6: What Advantages Do the Huawei AR G3Enterprise-Class Access Routers Offer Customers Compared to Traditional Access Routers?

A: First, the Huawei AR G3 utilizes innovative architecture.While traditional enterprise routers are based on a single-core CPU and the bus architecture, the Huawei AR G3 uses a multi-core CPU and large-capacity switch fabric based on the third-generation enterprise router architecture.This gives the Huawei AR G3apowerboostwhenprocessing multiple services and brings no limitations in traffic forwarding, providing excellent service experience for enterprises.Furthermore, the Huawei AR G3 is the first type of access router that supports two main control units(the “brain” of a router)in the industry, greatly improving device reliability.Second, Huawei has many years of experience in the fields of data communication, WLAN, voice, and security,as well as a comprehensive understanding of customers’ services. Based on this experience, the Huawei AR G3was designed to provide the following solutions:

  • Professional and future-oriented wireless access solutionl
  • High-speed passive optical network (PON) access solutionl
  • High-density Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop solutionl
  • Unified communication solutionl
  • Intelligent enterprise network security solution

Most importantly, The Huawei AR G3 series enterprise-class access routers rely on the OSP.This means that both partners and end users can easily expand their services on demand to satisfy various service requirements.The Huawei AR G3 offers the following core advantages:

  • Integrates various services, such as data, voice, video, and network security services.l
  • Provides one-stop communication solutions that feature flexibility, openness, high reliability, and simplified management.


Q7: The Huawei AR G3 Is a High-Performance Model of All-in-One Access Router. As an Enterprise Network Product, the Huawei AR G3 Features Rich Functionality and Supports a Broad Range of Applications. How Does the Huawei AR G3 Ensure the Normal Operation of Various Functions?

A: Achieving the optimal balancing of functions and performance is a problem that challenges both customers and device vendors.To solve this problem, the Huawei AR G3 uses the third-generation architecture and a multi-core CPU to process services. This means that the more services the router processes, the higher the performance the multi-core CPU.The Huawei AR G3 provides performance at twice the level of previous generation routers, ensuring an excellent multi-service experience. Furthermore, the Huawei AR G3 is the first router to use a switch fabric with a capacity of 160 Gbit/s in the industry.This switch fabric provides a capacity of 160 Gbit/s that can support 1000 Mbit/s access of multiple terminals. It also has several channels between interface cards,and between interface cards and MPUs, enabling non-blocking data forwarding.Thereby,it can be seen that the third-generation architecture of the Huawei AR G3 enables a perfect balance between functions and performance.


Q8: Compared to Routers from Other Vendors, What Are the Advantages of the Huawei AR G3in Terms of 3G Functionality?

A:Relying on Huawei’s extensive and powerful R&D capabilities in the WLAN field, the Huawei AR G3 provides the following functions:

  • Supports three wireless network standards: WCDMA, CDMA2000, and TD-SCDMA.l
  • Provides link load balancing, compatibility with the 2G network, seamless upgrade to the 4G LTEnetwork. l
  • Supports double antennas, built-in 3G boards and external 3G USB Modem.

These flexible functions allow enterprise users to choose specific models based on their own demands.


Q9: The Huawei AR G3 is Huawei’s Third-Generation Router. How Does Huawei Lead the Industry in Terms of Both Performance and Architecture?

First, based on Huawei’s powerful R&D experience arising from the development of the first and second generations of AR routers, the Huawei AR G3 uses a multi-core CPU and distributed matrix structure (DMS) to separate service and traffic forwarding. This enables the router to be more powerful in multi-service processing,to have no limitations in traffic forwarding,and to provide an excellent experience for enterprise users.Second, Huawei has extensive experience in the data communication, WLAN, voice,and security fields, as well as a comprehensive understanding of customers’ services. Based on this, the Huawei AR G3 provides the following solutions:

  • Professional and future-oriented wireless access solutionl
  • High-speed PONaccess solutionl
  • High-densityGigabit Ethernet to the desktop solutionl
  • Unifiedcommunication solutionl
  • Intelligent enterprise network security solution

Lastly, the Huawei AR G3 relies on the OSP, so both partners and end users can easily expand their services on demand to satisfy various service requirements.


Q10: Which VPN Features Are Supported by the Huawei AR G3?

A: The Huawei AR G3 supports various VPN features, including GRE, IPSec VPN, L2TP, SSL VPN, DSVPN, A2A VPN, and MPLS VPN and provides industry-leading service processing capabilities and performance.VPN requires the high service performance of access routers.Although non-Huawei devices also support VPN, they are not as capable as Huawei in this field. This means that their VPN service could have negative effects on the processing capabilities of other services. The Huawei AR G3, though,has multi-core CPU processing capabilities and separates service control and traffic forwarding,which improves the service perception of enterprise users.In addition, enterprise users do not need to purchase hardware and software components separately. For instance, high-performance encryption cards are sold along with the Huawei ARG3.Miercom, one the most well-known third-party test institutions in the world,conducted a test on the throughput performance of the Huawei AR G3 enterprise-class access routers. The following table gives the detailed test data.

Throughput Performance Tests RFC 2544

Device Under Test AR200 AR1220 AR2220 AR2240 AR3260
64 byte packets IPv4 Forwarding(Mbit/s) 200 290 800 1700 3100
NAT(Mbit/s) 96 150 400 900 1700
IPsec (3DES)(Mbit/s) 40 50 140 350 740
IMIX packets IPv4 Forwarding(Mbit/s) 600 850 1600 7691 8937
NAT(Mbit/s) 300 800 1000 4000 5000
IPsec (3DES)(Mbit/s) 100 220 500 1000 2662.5
1500 byte packets IPv4 Forwarding(Mbit/s) 800 990 1900 9622 9772
NAT(Mbit/s) 390 900 1600 4700 5900
IPsec (3DES)(Mbit/s) 114 340 1300 3000 5600


Q11: Using a USB Flash Drive to Deploy the Huawei AR G3 is Said to Improve the Efficiency of Network Deployment and Maintenance. Is This True?What Are the Application Scenarios?

A: In the enterprise network industry, a large number of enterprise-class access routers are deployed in branches of operation and maintenance centers that are sited far away from each other. Software commissioning and maintenance in these cases are very costly. As a result, the access routers must be able to provide cost-effective delivery and remote maintenance. To solve this problem, the Huawei AR G3 supports plug-and-play with USB flash drives to facilitate commissioning-free deployment. This enables engineers to perform software configuration and commissioning without going to the actual site. Project deployment using a USB flash drive can be divided into two scenarios: Device upgrade: Deployment using a USB flash drive automatically installs the upgrade, configuration, license, patch, voice, and https files. Deployment on a production line: Deployment (primarily of new routers) using a USB flash drive on the production line involves only system software packages. This method deletes any rollback records and startup packages and clears the usage records of the router. In this way, this deployment mode fits in the routers that just leave the factory.


Q12: What Are the Architecture and Functions of the OSP?

A: As one of the key components of the Huawei AR G3, the OSP consists of hardware, an operating system,and application programming interfaces(APIs). The OSP was developed to cater for the various requirements of global enterprise customers as they rapidly increased. Using the platform,enterprise users can develop and install service software features on demand. In this way, OSP helps Huawei and enterprise users achieve a win-win scenario together in multiple fields, such as voice application servers, WAN accelerators, IPS, IDS, and AV.


Q13: What Does the Full Name of the Huawei AR G3 Series Routers Mean?

A: The Huawei AR G3 series enterprise-class access routers are named using the following format:”AR” + “Number” + “Letter 1” + “-” + “Letter 2”.Take the names of AR1220,AR1220W/VW,and AR2240-A/D for example, “Number” indicates the model and “Letter” is the supplementary description of the model.Letter 1: E indicates enhanced, V indicates voice, and W indicates Wi-Fi.Letter 2: P indicates PoE and S indicates resale model. Although names of the AR1220V/1220W/1220VW/1220W-S do not contain the suffix P, these models also support PoE power.

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