HUAWEI P50 Series is Basically Confirmed, the World’s First Sony IMX800

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The HUAWEI P50 series has been officially announced and will be released soon. Everyone has high expectations for HUAWEI, because this is the key to whether HUAWEI’s mobile phone business can continue. The HUAWEI P50 series has always been the focus of everyone’s attention. Especially the imaging system is HUAWEI’s specialty. For HUAWEI’s high-end mobile phones, the most important thing is the iteration of technology. Only in this way can HUAWEI maintain its influence in the market.

HUAWEI said: “HUAWEI P50 series is about to release an industry-first new mobile imaging technology”, which means that HUAWEI will have a design that surpasses the previous generation in imaging system, and it is the industry’s first. At present, HUAWEI mobile phones are already very powerful in taking pictures. , And even comparable to digital cameras. But in terms of video shooting, video stability has always been lost to iPhone and Samsung, and HUAWEI may have to make progress in this area this time.

Some media have exposed photos of HUAWEI P50 and HUAWEI P50 Pro. Both models use a vertical oval rear camera module in the upper left corner with a built-in double ring design. The camera of HUAWEI P50 Pro is a bit bigger. Of course, as the flagship camera of HUAWEI, this upgrade is also in line with market expectations. HUAWEI’s layout has always been that the standard version is the flagship, and the Pro version is the high-end series at the beginning.

In terms of camera specifications, the HUAWEI P50 standard version may have three rear cameras: Sony IMX707 + Sony IMX600 + 3x optical zoom telephoto lens. The HUAWEI P50 Pro has four rear cameras: Sony IMX800 (the world’s first 1-inch outsole) + OV64A + 5x optical zoom periscope telephoto lens + TOF lens. The outsole sensor needs to be redesigned in the internal space. HUAWEI’s adjustment capabilities have always been strong, and this outsole can play its due role. Especially in terms of video shooting, there should be surprises.

In terms of body size, HUAWEI P50 and HUAWEI P50 Pro are quite different. According to previous reports, the HUAWEI P50 screen and body are smaller than HUAWEI P50 Pro. It uses a 6.3-inch centered single-hole screen, under-screen fingerprints, and metal. frame. HUAWEI P50 Pro has no news yet, but it is certain that the whole machine must be bigger.

In order to ensure the normal supply of HUAWEI P50 series this time, HUAWEI P50 may use Snapdragon chips, while Kirin chips are used for HUAWEI P50 Pro series. Equipped with the Snapdragon processor, it can solve the problem of HUAWEI’s shortage, because the Snapdragon chip can be supplied indefinitely, and the stock can be guaranteed.

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